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Self defense expert weighs in on parking lot crimes

Self defense experts are weighing in after a late night dinner in a fast food parking lot turned violent 2 a.m. Wednesday.


Brian G says:

Fuxkin Losers! 😂

david1356 says:

Yo it’s crazy bruh it was bj Baldwin

U Know it Is Here says:

It sounds to me like that woman knew both of them.

Linus Hallström says:

Crime will continue to go up the longer this shutdown goes on. People are getting desperate.

Black Sheep says:

So why no description of the suspect that ran away 😐

NV Progressive says:

Police said this occurred at 2 am, In n out closes at 1. This story needs more and better context. It doesnt take an hour to eat a double double.

Nicole Clark says:

I was held at gunpoint while in my truck in the parking lot of the gas station/Jack In The Box located at Boulder Hwy. and Russell like 14yrs ago. They opened the drivers side door told me to get out I sighed and said "Dude I'm really not in the mood for this right now.. Come back in 10minutes and then you can try and rob me again I promise I'll be in a better mood and a bit more willing to comply!". I slowly reached for my door and pulled it closed.

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