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**Yes – I know my accent is strange. It is a result of growing up around American and Australian accents and being a dual citizen.** Useful links: NSW Crimes Act, Sect 420: Victoria Police Website: Prohibited weapons list: Section 462A of the Crimes Act: Find me: Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:


Julz Kandy says:

I live in Adelaide, South Australia, I did have a bayonet but it was taken by police when they searched my home for a different reason, along with my tazer, I was also charged for them.
If you carry a baseball bat for example in your car, you can be charged for an offensive weapon but if you have the ball with it then you wont be charged.
Yes, our laws suck, I will no doubt still defend my home the best way I can from any unwanted intruders, regardless of the law.
I dont have faith in our judicial system, it is too messed up.
They lock up the people who dont deserve it on petty crimes, like driving disqualified, yet the people they should lock up for harsher, they dont.

Andrew Cooper says:

I find it strange that you have not considered those on medications that unfortunately add weight to them which to me means it cannot be helped that they are "Plus Size" NOT Obese.

TheJoelking01 says:

If someone attacks me or my home they will die, to me that's reasonable force, you forfeit your right to live when you threaten someone and there home.

Bob says:

riddle solved
australia hasn't stopped australians from defending themselves. it turns out the black nobility (a.k.a royal bloodlines descended from the pharaohs of egypt) dictate to a network of secret societies, which in turn dictate to the network of global corporate control in order to control every government on earth.
as crazy as it is, it's our reality but the coalition for the rule of law is fixing this together with the worlds militaries & people. here's an outline of the network of global corporate control which makes up over 40% of the capital market including all the banks & uses a system of interlocking board members to exercise tens of times the amount of control it actually owns.

Matt Archey says:

I'll keep my guns/baseball bats/ knives and sticks. Fuck the UK and fuck Australia government

barabas says:

Those stupid people is the same people that put a gun in your hand and send you in another country to do the killing for them ,and they call it war, i think we have a criminal war right here in Australia.

barabas says:

who is the stupid fools who make that law,

barabas says:

what a stupid country you live in.The government want disarm her people.The criminal have more right than you have.

Silent Echo says:

You've got to be kidding, I was thinking about moving there….

Petr Mystery says:

They will have a gun and you need for self a defense a fork, not even knife, oh no knife is too dangerous. Using fork is to use reasonable force for to stop the intruder. It doesnt matter that your chances to die will increase, protect the health of the intruder we must

Laurence Pinney says:

You Astrallians have no cause to complain. You willfully gave up your citizenship for serfdom, and are subjects of "the Crown.". Put your butts in the air, and take everything your government gives you. You earned it by letting your government fake a shooting to take your guns. You now have no cause to complain, and can safely STFU, and take what you begged your government to give you – and that was serfdom. Enjoy!

Donald Cutler says:

OMG Australia. I will never visit your country. I love your people you're too dangerous because I can't bring my gun to kill somebody who is attacking me.

Ken Checkeye says:

Simple answer: because you let them create the laws. You stood by and did nothing to stop it. We do it too, and that complacency is the problem.

1Will says:

This is horrible.

Jim Notter says:

D’bloody fack?!
Why do the citizens actually comply with this bullshit? I mean, well, why?

cedomir vuletic says:

I guess the disslikes of this video are government people !!!

LouisianaJesse says:

The pub owner was defending himself, his wife, his business, and his home? He had to pay the perpetrator? Wow!

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