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Self Defense Disarm 2 – Tess Kielhamer

A variation for a lower attack. More coming for other situations😁


North American YouTuber says:

You forgot a couple things. You're supposed to get off the line of fire, and also cause a distraction. This is why they say to ask a question before you disarm. You can go, "What year is it?" Or something like that.

Juan Antonio Calderon Ruiz says:

A mi, si me apuntan con una pistola, me cago, me meo y me pongo a llorar. A ver si no me disparan por pena aunque sea.

Some One says:

Im honest, I just clicked because of the legs 😀

GLTCH 12345 says:

Your videos are the best

TraumaER says:

Two Issues:

1) No one holds a gun like that
2) No one is going to threaten Tess


farrypro says:

Good video as always tess 👍
Plz show knife🔪defence

AcceleratingUniverse says:

consider that anyone who knows what a gun is for doesn't hold a gun in your reach at all.

FLBoyCanScrap says:

Why is he holding the gun with a limp noodle grip?

kaan says:

master ken 😁

Dark Shadows Ultimatum says:

There are many ways to disarm your opponent when he or she has a gun to your pelvis, but this is much more interesting way to disarm them in my opinion. Thanks for the video.

ToxicGamplays says:

I checked her instagram and… SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND 💔😭😭

Ahmad Ardah says:

I would let her strangle me with her thighs

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