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Self Defense Ammo – What weight in 9mm?

Discussing the general rules with regards to bullet weight in the 9mm. This video comes in response to a subscriber’s question. Keep them coming?


9mmParabellum0321 says:

124gr in the 9mm are about the best Speer GD, Federal HST, in a 115gr I
like the Corbon DPX for the 9mm and its little brother the .380 for light
load are about the best. Now you need to do your job and hit what you are
shooting at. 


The heavier the bullet the barrel needs to be longer to get the velocity. A
147 gr out of a Glock 26 may not expand a hallow point, might just work
like a round ball but a Glock 17 the 147 gr will have the energy to expand.
The 115 gr out of the 26 would have better results than the 147 gr these
are the sacrifices of a subcompact with a short barrel because less energy
can be produced in a short barrel so I feel a good choice is the 124 gr
NATO round. If I can drop a 2200 pound holstein cow with one round between
the eyes it will protect my family and friends Thanks to doctaddad for his
time and very good videos 

JC545X39 says:

I guess I’ve drank the Hornady Koolaid maybe, but I just don’t see how
anything could be better than the 135 grain Critical Duty.

RM chain says:

Thanks man! I was wondering these exact same things about the grains! Very
informative and educational!! Appreciate what you do! RM

USA2ndAmendment says:

That is sweet that you have a Gen 4 g19 in the fde! I havn’t seen one in
person yet…I’ve seen other glock models, just not the gen4 19. Do you
still have it? Where did you get it from? Great video, thanks.

Andrew Clark says:

I carry Speer Gold Dot 115 gr. The testing I’ve seen on that round has been
impressive. Check out tnoutdoors9’s test on it, surprising penetration. I
tried a few popular rounds at the range in my G26, and the Gold Dots were
by far the most accurate. I also like Rem Golden Saber 124 gr and Hornady
Critical Duty 135gr/Defense 115gr.

jaime larrea says:

what exactly is the +p in the 124 grain? love the [email protected]

Tripp Griffin says:

Best of bulth worlds 

biff malibu says:

Yeah, I was think thinking the same question regarding 9mm weight. I don’t
go around shooting people, so all I have to go on are these theories on
which would be best.

Joseph Simeone says:

your a Doctor, whear did you go to school, KEL TECH 

Gun Slinger says:

Doc, did u ever do a review of the 147 federal hst?

mynewsong says:


Last Dog Up says:

70 grain frangible, explosive

Jason Killgo says:

Those are all good ammo but I would go with Hornady’s Critical Duty. Those
rounds are amazing! Keep in mind I’m not talking about the Critical
Defense… I’m talking Critical Duty. 135grn ~1180 fps +P consistent
expansion. With that velocity the bullet should go in but not come out or
not come out with much force keeping others safe in case the attacker comes
in a area with innocent people around. Sure yo might get a little more
shock out of a faster round at contact but you also have less mass moving
through creating more force against them as it moves through.
Mass*velocity=force so bigger bullet more force even if it is a little bit
slower round. 

Soundwave85 says:

Excellent video! Thank you so much. 2 questions about it: how do you know
which pistols can handle + p ammo without unnatural wear and does your
opinion on the 124gr still stand even when it comes to standard pressure
9mm ammo? 

calenitosolo1 says:

i wanted to know which of this 3 types of grains (115, 124, 147grain) are
best for long range shooting??? I was thinking 115grain since is lighter??
please let me know what you think…
also the lighter the bullet the further it travels or not??? thanks

DAWGS says:

Great instructional video. I had the same questions about weight and had an
overall general idea but this helped tremendously. Good job

charles junior says:

This is going to be a stupid question, but I just want to make sure I
understand completely. Does heavier grain rounds mean more wall
penetration as well? A lighter grain round subsequently will be less
potential wall penetration? I ask, because I live in an apartment. I am
not counting on the walls stopping any rounds, but if I went with a lighter
round and there is less chance of wall penetration, I think I would rather
go with a lighter round. Just curious on opinion and knowledge. 

Wilmer Fajardo says:

Thanks for the insights between the different bullet weights in the 9 mm

billy balla says:

good info,appreciated

Carlos Muro says:

is it alright to use steel cases on my Glock for the range.people been
telling me all messed up my gun is that true

Cyanne Yates says:

Why standard pressure only suggestion? Thanks for your posting

juanreleroux101 says:

cool video, thanks.

lazergungo pewpew says:

any good non +p for the 9mm for self defense my gun cant handle +p ammo

J2TMFK says:

So how do you defend yourself without the use of bullets…. 

Kimber Regis says:

Great review & very informational. :-)

Peter Mansfield says:

I use Hornady Custom XTP 147gr standard pressure in my Beretta 92F

Nikko Marcelli says:

Thank you for such an insightful video! 

Tom Boehmke says:

angus hobdell says to use +p+ 147 grain… or at least he says thats what
he uses.. and since underwood makes a 147 grain hp that hits over 1150
velocity im gonna go with that… id love to see ballistics tests between
124 underwood +p+ vs 147 grain +p+ to see which has the better ballistics

Kawika K says:

I like the 9mm Buffalo Bore +P 147 Grain JHP @ 1175fps/450ft/lbs. It’s a
nasty round although very pricey. My other choice would be Hornady Critical
Duty +P 135 grain HP .

John rocco says:

I think your wright or right

Tristan Brown says:

I disagree with a lot of the people who have commented. I think that 115
grain Hornady critical defense is the best carry round. TNoutdoors9 video
sold me, it almost went through a 16 inch block with a 3 inch wound cavity.
Standard pressure is the way to go, and 115 grain is not “crap”, give me
the velocity and the violent expansion any day. Just my opinion, I know
some guys love to carry 147 grain and more power to them, as long as you
are carrying in the first place.

Joseph Simeone says:

The hornady critical duty 115 ftx is oneof the lest powerfull 9 mm jhp
loads around. I wish they would up the velocity and make it a 124gr ftx at
1200 fps non plus p or 1250 + p, but juice it up. They load the ftx.40 and
ftx .45 way hotter than the 9 mm 

J2TMFK says:

how is a bullet a self defence mechanism when its for hurting people.

ldillow1 says:

9mm +P Underwood with the gold dot bullet loading is a smoking combination
and is my only edc choice..g26 avg 1191fps…xds 9 avg 1248fps…those are
great numbers from short barreled guns which most of us daily carry,and we
all know how well the gold dot bullet expands..I find the underwood easily
online for a decent price..

maduro169 says:

DOC TO DAD : You are right on time with the 124 gr jhp I’m a hand loader
and this is my pet round not sure of the vel. but example ( I dropped a hog
in one of my traps with a single shot to the head two kicks and it was over
) And by the way I was using a Glock mod 19 .

boostedassasins says:

Critical duty!

Todd Workman says:

I carried a gen 4 glock 19 w/ 124gr +p Gold dot HP and i have changed to a
S&W M&P 9 shield. What do you recommend for this gun. It has a 3.1 inch
barrell and im not sure if i should use a +p load since it is that short.
What do you recommend and why. Thanks for the great vid!

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