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Self Defense America by the Hand to Hand Combat Training Center

To our future students of Self Defense America, This is not the teaching method use in the course. It is NOT all about beating you up but teaching YOU the te…


Kaleigh Thompson says:

You two are ninjas!!

H2HCTCdotcom says:

h2hctc dot com – I know it says we are sold out but I can make up a 3-disc set in a couple days and ship right away. I have sold out after a rush from soldiers in Afghanistan. This is truely tried and battle field test by Special Ops, Army Rangers and Snipers to name a few.

ShadoWWalker232 says:

Where can i get the dvd`s for this.

H2HCTCdotcom says:

Sorry for the delay in a reply, Our Main Training Center is in Post Falls Idaho, Our system is being taught in Placerville CA, Omaha NE, and currently in Bahrain Afghanistan (though I would not recommend going there tto learn, that one is geared for our troops and could be taught by no-one less than the Professor himself.

Good luck

H2HCTCdotcom says:

We have DVD’s for home instruction, best to do with a partner. We have our Hand to Hand Combat System being taught in Coeur D’Alene ID, Placerville CA, Omaha NE and currently in Bahrain Afghanistan.

See us on our website.

H2HCTCdotcom says:

NO, sorry. No big brother here. That intro must have made it one from one of our DVD’s that are for sale.

So LIKE and SHARE away.

Yassine Rezzougui says:

that what i’m talkin about

MrAVPS says:

I’m gonna try to learn this by watching it over again

MrAaronch says:

Where are the techniques derived from? I see ww2 h2h influence.

DarthVato2010 says:

Uh oh, I just read the Warning Intro!!…so if I click the “LIKE” and “SHARE” button, the FBI will come knocking on my door?

Valts Vize says:

High spot!

AhhYouKilledme says:

I want to learn how to do all of these…. SO bad.

austin comstock says:

somebody call for a bad ass

Khaizer Soze says:

basic aikido combined with judo throws. very cool tutorial bro.

powerful thanos says:

nicely done

jjharris1996 says:

I like it! nice! 🙂


great stuff :)

Kevo DaBoss says:

This was awesome.!

Riffleops says:

Good techiques

Nick Maresca says:

Weres this training center located?

materg12 says:

Beast mode

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