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Self defence. Street fighter. Self-defense options .


Curt Richardson says:

I know someone who talks like that.

Héctor F R says:

enserio valentyn , gracias por enseñar cosas que si podrían ayudar a la gente y no chorradas espirituales de puños cargados con ki y estupideces similares

Wanna Cashflow says:

He definitely needed to know that! She was about to give him a personal session. lol

Dmytro Khakhula says:

🤣🤣🤣 ey didiue argga weaghh wraagaghhh


No son ! You have it all wrong!!!! Wrong wrong wrong! What you want to do is say ‘ Hey,your shoes are untied! Then when he bends down to tie his shoe then slap him! Geeez… why do you all have to make it so difficult? Oh, and what the heck did he say in the beginning of the video? LOL!

Mohammad hossin Jannati hashgin96 says:

دمت گرم

Mohammad hossin Jannati hashgin96 says:


CupRamen says:

After that run

Mecha academia says:

I really like the way you on how I defense yourself and I will do it for my protection of my self.

MavrikUSMC says:

….what did you guys hear? 😂😂😂

Manel SaO says:

Great coach. I knew your YouTube site some days algo, and I think you are doing a great job to help people to protect themselves of the violence of other people. Thanks 👏👏👏

Drennon Keller says:

I love the mumbling voice instructions , I heard every word and the video helped 😅😅😅😅😅

SBMarch 2022 says:

I like that 4th one 🙅🏻‍♂️

vermili0n says:

And then run cuz if a girl does this to some angry loser he’s probably gonna hit her back

Bob says:

He's Cool and Calm. Otherwise…

Marcus Brown says:

Damn she was harassing him though

Hugo Gomajoa says:


Start Kofalot says:

lol .. 2 the balls we go

Paulo MK says:

3rd option is more brutal

Life Behind the Wheel says:

Respect my friend 🫡

Just Sad Listener says:

Слишком опасно, начну бить хуком. Так лучше.

Denver Johnson says:

Why get out of the car though?

Winston Smith says:

How can anybody threaten a lady in such way? Usually cowards who would never approach ANY man like that

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