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Self defence on the street. DEFENSIVE TACTICS FOR POLICE OFFICERS.#boxing #selfdefense #mma #fighter

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@user-jq5yg3ey1l says:

Yes I know ? There ears bleed

@stephenhalliday7198 says:

Yes, a punch bag doesn't hit back

@pablobautista5686 says:

Option 3 …rummmmm

@markdonovan930 says:

He is a big thug! You think you can hit him like that?

@s8r5dad says:

Is this real? Or someone being silly on how to protect yourself?

If you’re a cop, call, stun them or run if you can’t handle it. No shame.

I took martial arts for years and still there’s plenty of guys that could take me!!!

@jimbendtsen8841 says:

Hey, YT: fuck your algorithm.

@ha4xum says:

Вообще-то огромный чувак прикалывается, у него куча видео, где он так ходит, поэтому не надо сносить ему кабину.

@ngpeu says:

Из Барака Обамы херовый боец, даже если в копа нарядить.

@vitovarenne4548 says:

Se è destro

@joshhansan-bj6ju says:


@user-heieodors says:

В смысле вы реально предлагаете так переть на полицейского ? И типа он испугается и убежит ? Это не смешно . Премия Дарвина не смешно ….

@ScooterRowdy-gj8rq says:


@bobabooey4537 says:

Thanks coach
I always knew it was that easy.

@swislypioneer196 says:

Should not be joking like that with an officer, you could be hurt badly or fatally and the officer will not be a fault.

@MoMo-bx9gk says:

Ain't nun being explained here

@Lord_Don says:

You could walk right into a slam like that

I hate fighting
I don’t like hurting ppl and I don’t wanna get hurt while I’m a natural.

No points to prove save ya comments kids

@juanbazanromero4898 says:

correr es de cobarde y si se queda lo machaca y gana igual

@manneianevski says:

Taser : end of the story.

@tonyt611 says:

Good self defense

@SteveDevaux-oj9ux says:

A no les commentaires 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

@CheckITSoundSystemS says:

What about a defense from the tyrants?

@robinmiller871 says:

This idiot does not know how to fight!

@StarOasis26 says:

I applause this guy for not talking about it for 5 minutes,Just getting to the point good tactics

@pablogonzales1819 says:

By far the worst video you have put out

@Mr.SpockEurope says:

Come far finire un poliziotto in mille pezzi.

@fanueldemiss2104 says:

He’s not even punching the bag

@joseplluisdiago5550 says:

if an officer hits you like that, provably he goes to the jail

@niebotyk says:

Tell me one thing, bro – have You even once fight a real fight on the street?

@Jims2517 says:

Option 3, 3 rounds , center body mass.

@cristianbrunengo9263 says:

Qe vivo la bolsa no tiene brazos, no se puede defender

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