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Russian Woman Does Enough To Avoid Catastrophe

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CACTUS says:

Imagine clicks a giant red button and a giant cage shuts around u and personal stuff and a alarm goes off

Mark Goostree says:

The scream scrambled his plan so bad he didn't know what to do next! She came out great!

mrfester42 says:

Screaming like a fucking possessed banshee probably made the bastard give up. THAT would drive anyone to lose their mind.

C How says:

The screaming is a great tool for defense. Not only can it alert others to help, It's so annoying. The bad guy might run off.

Sharky's Machine says:

Great set of lungs on her! What rape whistle?!!

Kermyt Padilla says:

A little heads up that she was about to scream for what felt like 5 minutes straight would have been nice 😳😭

ᜎᜑ̃ᜅ᜔ ᜃᜌ̰ᜋᜅ᜔ᜄ̃ LahingKayumanggi says:

Brave woman

Mustang Carfast says:

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Yakav8r55m says:

I think this is the second video of an assault of a female at a pay-day-loan office in Russia on the ASP channel. These offices are not large by any means and offer minimum barrier protections for the employee. It's horrific to have to hear a woman scream like this and they should have a strike at these employers till they put plexiglass or other barriers in place. I hope this woman has found work elsewhere. All the weapons they have in Russia and yet they make it nearly impossible for a woman to self-defend.

Fursat Fakir says:

Scary as F. Who just barges in out of the blue into a small office with a large knife & attacks a lady? Violent Criminals! Man no space is safe, never be unarmed 🙏

Winter-Fant says:

сука, баба отбилась от молодого чувака с теском, а все что возбудило сраных комментаторов – ее крик

Jouten Zennousha says:

This video can be the new rickrolled meme. Link this to anyone you find annoying so they can hear the screams.

Jouten Zennousha says:

Security is worthless. All they are told to do is 'be a good witness'. They will not get into a physical confrontation unless they themselves are attacked.

Forestraven52 says:

She was using Verbal Judo 👍

Kevin Jackson says:

Nothing wrong with her screaming. I am just shocked no one heard it and came to her rescue.

Dcraig1718 says:

Scream to scare him away AND so people will know she need help. You never know if people can hear her.

Cry Havoc says:

Damn…..that was brutal.

Normal Head Joe says:

That shrill screaming would have drove me off.

nightmarethunderfist says:

Damn..that was scary! She made the hair stand up on my neck with that… I'm so glad she won…

Craig N says:

Repeat this in your best Ivan Drago accent, "She is strong…like bull."

Mike Mike says:

Good job lady!

Occam’s Razor says:

“In Russia the victims rob you…of your 🔪”😳

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