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Howtoyeet says:

That’s what’s would happen every time you point a gun at a policeofficer , but this is still so so sad

Trixy Daltons wild west shows says:

A little 00.Buck to the bod anywhere and it’s over.Cop knew how to lay it down effectively.

Blake says:

Number 4 buck non flight control is superior to 00 buck or 00 buck flight control unless at long range.

Joe Schmuckatelli says:

John, being a "firearms expert" have you ever shot anyone? being a 3rd degree black belt in America do te karate have you ever won a fist a fight?…could I see some proof?

O B says:

Got one "nailed down"

WAR LORD says:

That’s WEIRD another black man with a gun.

Joe Shmoe says:

Raise a gun on a cop and you should expect to be injected with freedom metal. Jackassery at it's latest!

Jacob says:

The bad guy drew on a draw, don’t ever do that.

I AM Zero223 says:

He most definitely used a slug to shot this guy. You can see it in the footage.

Tanner Gallant says:

Hey john you should see if you can get any footage of a robbery gone bad where one good guy and the robber killed and another injured in Scottsdale az. Crazy stuff

Gabe Alvarez says:

Aye man you good? Lol

Alias Fakename says:


D Y says:

that was fast and painless.

Dally Studios says:

The officer had the right to shoot him. I just feel bad for him, he will probably have PTSD from this. Killing a person pays a toll on you.

YouTubeCertified says:

Great vid. Thanks

Ima Infidel says:

I can’t believe my 90 year old grandma; had a 90 year old grandma ; who, had a 90 year old grandma; who never got to play Grand Theft Auto! Three stars easy for loaded shotguns. 666 chip implants linked to a satellite 🛰 try explaining that 2000 years ago🤔 foo you crazy 😜

Sgt.Fury says:

Im not some mad leftist but do people really feel the need to celebrate the loss of life like theyre a piece of garbage? Some people deserve it dont get me wrong

Sgt.Fury says:

Idk about this one. He was in a readied stance sure, but it didnt look like he aimed it at anyone yet..need more evidence to form a solid opinion but this doesnt look too great for me.

Raul P says:

Did the video block out sound of that shot?

Abraham loza says:

One officer should get a bean bag and shoot it if he aims then use lethal force

Abraham loza says:

Cops should have more opened hand skills

MyMusic Account1 says:

That 9 pellets of 00 is like getting shot with 4 rounds of 9mm, instantaneously.
And the velocity is almost identical.

Gabriel 559-1 says:

Was I the only one that thought he used a less lethal

Roger Rabbit says:

CNN the Enemy within will spin this story to get the BLM riots going again, wait the riots never stopped.. CNN is the Enemy…

CB TV3 says:

Don’t think there anything to learn about fuck the dumb ass cops

Jorge Meza says:

Good job who knows we're he was going with that shit gun

KowSoy Kid says:

Beautiful shot on 🎯. Perp dropped like a sack of shit 👍

irock4u222 says:

suicide by cop

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