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Dan Sman says:

Weak idiots. 3 of them and couldnt lift it … what did way half a tonne

Jay Winters says:

No regard for other people’s property

Possible Pilot Deviation says:

Trying to raise money for college.

Possible Pilot Deviation says:

Go big or go home, I guess.

Dickie Madic says:

black lives matter

andy1181985 says:

He said the clerk should’ve locked the door? They just smashed a stolen car through his wall, pretty sure wouldnt mind breaking a glass door to get some money. Then the clerk would’ve been more at risk of getting injured for making it more difficult for them

cypresscustoms says:

They where just peacefully protesting the rising prices of candy.

cypresscustoms says:

Another Houston… time to move.

Randy DiCotti says:

If you don't have massive bollards protecting your store front, you are probably next

Nick says:

OOOHHhhh it was those peaceful protesters at work

Randy DiCotti says:

This kind of crap REALLY makes me angry. Why is our Justice System helping thugs victimize society?

DVT13 says:

They really wasted like 3000 in repairs for car only to get 400 out of those registers max

Andrew Prarat says:

Don’t most places keep all the cash safe? Like maybe a few hundred total, in the drawer, for the morning?

Winter Wolf says:

Why ain’t they have gloves on that’s a dumb burglary !

Joe San says:

Its becoming more common in the southwest , alot of criminals tend to hit gunstores in my state like this due to many having hardened security measures like security bars, doors and alarm systems. Many criminals know they have some time before law enforcement is notifief by alarm companies

GazzilAussie says:

22c in the till, definitely worth leaving fingerprints everywhere

Joe Shmoe says:

If they only put as much effort in getting an education leading to a good paying job, raising their bastard children and positively contributing to society.

S says:

These are rabid predatory animals willing to kill for no reason whatsoever. Can you imagine your rage if you had a loved one on the other side of that door when they smashed through with that truck?

MindFree 25 says:

They are peacefully protesting BLM

MK25 says:

US law enforcement is so useless.

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