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Jamaican Guard Sidesteps and Brings the Heat

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red redz says:

I'm living in jamaica and what he did was justified but the law says if the firearm holder had any chance of escaping are avoiding the situation it might be used against them… But in my personal opinion and past events it should be a justified shooting so i think he'll be ok… once he has a good defence team he'll have no problem, but the FLA (firearms license association) in jamaica instructs firearm holders to alway avoid knife, pipe, machete, stick etc all near distance weapon by trying to escape before using deadly force…

K-Fabe 87 says:

Shades of Indiana Jones from the first Raiders of the Lost Ark.

dave kata says:

That guard is an alpha

Wade Pires says:

This shooting I'm aware of. The guard, Theo actually did get arrested. From what Marrie( his sister) said ,he got charged with murder. I do know he's currently still in jail. Haven't spoken to family members as to the status on this and nothing much has been in the papers.
I'll make it a point to find out and revisit this post and text in what information I find out

disGRUNTld_0311 . says:

That's quite a dramatic recoil…lol

Arthur Andrews says:

Yeah John let him get to close, I it was justified because someone hits you hard enough with a pipe you can die

Borschisgood says:

Assault with a deadly weapon.

Renko says:

Pulling out the gun earlier could have deescalated the situation. To me, it’s as if the guard (by not brandishing the gun) was drawing the attacker in so he could shoot him. Just my opinion watching this.

AnyColour YouLike says:

Wtf this guy's a badass lmao

parabola says:

The guard relished killing that man. He let him get close like that so he could have an excuse to put a bullet in him. As soon as he saw the man approaching he should have drawn his pistol and issued commands instead of enjoying murdering someone.

Bill B says:

The way that guard draws his gun, shoots, and dramatically lifts his hand with the recoil looks like a Hollywood movie script.

assassin nitrogen says:

Black people are born with weaving techniques

Danny Presson says:

Is this significantly different from the Drajka case in FL? The pipe guy wasn't backing up but once the gun was out didn't present a further threat.

ottis spunkmire says:

when you go to assault somebody you don't determine the level of response

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