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Robber Takes the Room Temperature Challenge | Active Self Protection

Go read the news story on this robber who took the Room Temperature Challenge; he was on bail for other charges! And the officer was just checking in on the store and happened to be there as the robber came out, making his actions all the more impressive.

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News story:

Second news story saying that the officer was only checking on the store:

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LuvBorderCollies says:

Excellent coverage and commentary, John! Only thing I saw wrong was the officer pulling up right in front. Maybe in Baltimore you have park your squad in the lighted area so it doesn't get firebombed. You want to position off the side where you can watch but BG can't see (ideally anyway), Also I'm pretty sure an alarm went out because the officer was primed and ready when the door opened.

hitmanm818 says:

Kill or be killed he has a fucking shotgun

Northern Range says:

I work in the ER and recently had a patient that took a bird shot load to the bicep. 6 months later they are finally just going to take the arm off. You do not want a shot gun pointed at you, the upmost of threats.

HIKAGE says:

just look at that woman taking her stuff and leave beside the robber also the robber didn't mind that hhhhhh what the heck is doing on here


Another piece of crap dead in the Baltimore morgue. I’m sure he was an Honor student and had an NBA offers – Yeah Right

Christopher Newson says:

John you miss the man out side on the phone before the man go in the store, he was on his cell phone. upper left hand corner of video.

conspiracies are just great stories says:

And let the liberals complaining begin…."but the guy didn't take his illegal gun and point it at the cops in a threatening manner, so he didn't need to be killed". Your right. He didn't need to be killed. If he just didn't rob the store, he would still be alive. Cops can't read minds and it take a fraction of a second for someone to aim and shoot and kill someone and the cop decided his life and family were more important than this hoodrats life

hothamandfauri says:

Someone tell me that i am not the only one who is glad to see one less criminal alive and running around on the streets?

Like every time i watch one of Johns videos where the bad guy gets killed, a part of me feels good knowing justice has been done.

Especially in Brasil 🤣

Den O says:

Damn cop. Poor boy just wanted to buy some skittles during his break from bible sales.

BigWonka says:

Damn, Omar is back at it I see.

tayaraaktube says:

@02:27 that bystander gave 0 shit while shooting is taking place 2 meters away from him!

Kent K says:

I have a real problem with the cop shooting this guy!!!!! Obviously he was coming froma church prayer group, or perhaps a college night course, and was picking up food to bring to a homeless shelter. The gun was to protect the store from criminals all cracked up on dope and heroin. The cop should have help the door for this wonderful gentleman- not shoot him!!!!

Eurotrash4367 says:

While this seems like a perfectly justifiable use of force by the police officer it is important to remember that this took place in Baltimore and police are despised by the citizens, the States Attorney and the Mayor. In a city where 2/3 rds of the adult male population have felony criminal records and only 25% pay taxes justice and common sense are the least likely outcomes.

C-Martz says:

He was such a nice guy. He will be missed. Like hell we ain’t!

Sheet Man says:

Somewhere some fool out there is outraged that this innocent black man was murdered by police for no reason.

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