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How to escape a standing rear choke. #shorts

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@blaphtome9382 says:

If you hit me in the nuts, you wake up with one of you're feet on backwards….assuming I was defending myself to begin with. For the choking guy in this LARP, a blow to the nuts doesn't produce the sort of instant pain that causes that reaction, this is where all these nutshot practitioners and Hollywood girl power movies get it wrong. There is some initial pain, but the real pain is delayed a bit. To be more realistic, you need to struggle on for a bit before going a little weaker. If you want to pretend it's life and death, ignore the nut shot because that's what adrenaline will cause you to do. Personally I avoid any martial arts teacher that uses a partner that has to do some sort of acting. But that's just me.

@rohithrohithj6984 says:

Hittin on da nuts always does it , doesnt it 😂


That is a dangerous game, its a misconception that if you hit a man in the nuts it will drop him. Most men in this situation will reapond with more aggression instead of flinching.

@akwsd89 says:

No fair fight in street fight. Use anything

@texasgrappling1014 says:

A nut tap will not work. It will only make it worse.

@armoredg1497 says:

what if its a tiger

@lI_Demonata_Il says:

Tucking your chin in is good, but i highly doubt the nut shot will work.

@michaelfera5515 says:

The only thing better than that Bullshido is that shirt.

@SDFNI3894YR says:

what is it's a she instead of he?

@Kubx-wx3qi says:

oookey now this kinda may work.

@robscott990 says:


@x-skortz9230 says:

Bruh u wont be abke to hit him in the nuts when that shoke is on ur dead the only way to escape it is to not get caught in it

@peak2443 says:

What if in mma

@alonsomunoz7584 says:

Damn! Never thought of that. Both of his arms are wrapped around your neck. It's the perfect opportunity to aim there. If it's a woman choking you, I guess you would apply the same concept but a different fist shape to the lower body hit. 😅

@jeffreyjackson5229 says:

Truthfully, that would be my first response.

@Faithfuljourney-vd5uw says:

When Aikido comes into use.

@allans7281 says:

Martial arts is extremely fascinating leverage and speed is quiet powerful

@eastbee1034 says:

What if he is wearing a metal codpiece??

@carls9648 says:

If it's a matter of life and death.. a nut shot is fine

@impropergaming5555 says:

What if he has L Gaurd😢

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