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Robber Loses Game of Hide and Seek to Prepared Defender | Active Self Protection

Please thank MantisX for bringing us today’s video of a robber losing a game of hide and seek to a prepared defender! Check them out at or their FB page at I seriously DO use the system in my own dry fire training and with students on the range and you can get one at Want to see me use it? If you want to train and get better at real life self-defense, join us on the ASP Extra channel to learn how to respond to situations like this robber losing a game of hide and seek to a prepared defender! NEWS STORIES, MORE INFO: Raw with scant details is all I have: it just happened yesterday. If you see a news story, send it my way! ASP merch is in stock in the store…go get a newly designed limited edition phone case! If you value what we do at ASP, would you consider becoming an ASP Patron Member to support the work it takes to make the narrated videos like this robber losing a game of hide and seek to a prepared defender? or gives the details and benefits. Find a good instructor in your area and get some training: Attitude. Skills. Plan. (music in the outro courtesy of Bensound at Copyright Disclaimer. Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.


Reza Nahafis says:


Zane Carmichael says:

He was definitely using the guy as cover lol

Ben Dover says:

He used Hans mole man as cover XD

Michael Payne Jr says:

Shame on the person who told the robber that an off duty officer was in the store…kinda put the cop at a disadvantage from the start

Motherof4 says:

He was definately USING the guy on the floor as cover he leans behind him for cover..SMH..

Tony Johnson says:

Aaaannnnndddd…..its Brazil.

Johnny-B Racer says:

if that WASN'T the room-temperature challenge the bad-guy took, it was the RTC's first cousin!

MehmetAliD89 says:

If it wasnt a promoted paying channel , i woudt look , not abynore

Prime Fighting says:

I think I caught the first blooper of "lets look at significant lessons" …. lady in the red gets out of the way….not sure if the other one is a man or a woman….. oh Lord that was funny. Anyway, tnx for your educational videos. They've made me re think a few things.

Gordon Bell says:

Good stuff!

blau Bayou says:

What is the room temperature challenge?

Mike Drevo says:

I hope he died

Insane Asylum says:

Pretty f’d up how he used the pedestrian as cover.

moohooman says:

I think the cop only used one hand because he was pushing the other guy with him to the floor to get him out of the way of fire, and then used that hand to balance himself because he was crouching weirdly.

h berm says:

he was only looking for some asprin lol

Cameron Haylor says:

Olly olly oxen free

Florida Tim says:

Thank you for the vid and your analysis. Back when I was in the Navy we called them Lessons Learned. When I watched the vid I did not hear you address much about the woman in the white dress who sort of wanders back. I don't know her side of why she did not run away but it does not look like an oversight, she looked like she was searching for the off duty officer (like a lookout-accomplice would), or, maybe she was looking for the guy the ODO ended up shooting over. Anyway she was not concerned for her safety at all. I note that the perp did not make her lie down when he went past her. Do you have any further knowledge concerning the actions of the lady in white?

ExpressThrift 209 says:

Used a bystander and back drop was pretty shitty.

Bflatest says:

Blue light special on isle 3

Hlagza KG says:

Another great video!

R A says:

Lol cop using that other guy as concealment 😂

Clancey Russell says:

Got to love all these great videos from gun free Brazil

inlovewithi says:

i found an article with more information.

The video seemed weird, nobody was running out, including the clerk, it seemed as though he knew there was a cop. But as it turns out, another robber was in the front taking the cash, and this dead 18 year old criminal was simply rounding up people.

Peter Ordinary says:

I like 1:15 when his buddy ditches him.

murray maclean says:

Don't you just love these culling the scum of the earth videos…

Mario Vic says:

i don't like how he was hovering over the lady on the ground …but i glad everything turned out ok….clean up on isle 3….lol

Brandon Crawford says:

LMFAO!!! I've never heard it being called the meaty bits, that's like referring to killing someone in a childish way. It caught me off guard.

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