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ROAD RAGE Self-Defense Scenario: What Would You Do?

Road rage in America happens every day all over the country and unfortunately frequently ends up with some sort of violent encounter. If you find yourself in a road rage attack or road rage gone wrong scenario, its important to know the key self-defense, situational awareness, and training to make it out alive. This self-defense scenario can escalate very quickly and you need to know what you should do to de-escalate the situation. Don’t make a bad situation worse by escalating the confrontation to a higher level as you may lose your ability to act in legal self-defense. To see the full breakdown only our members get, activate your membership here and claim your bonus package worth over $500: #roadrage #selfdefense #USCCA The USCCA’s mission is to Educate 10 Million Gun Owners, Legally Protect 1 Million USCCA Members, Stop 20,000 Crimes, and Save 1,000 Lives. Like and share these educational and informative videos. Together we can Save Lives. Not ready to join? You can learn more about the USCCA and how we’re trusted by over 285,000 responsibly Armed Americans by contacting our Wisconsin-based Member Service Agents at 844-265-1103 or visit us online at! If you’re a responsible gun owner, we’d love to have you subscribe and join us! SUBSCRIBE! LIKE THIS VIDEO? 1. Click The Like Button Above – We’d Appreciate It 🙂 2. Submit Your Questions In The Comments Below 3. If you have any immediate questions about the USCCA, we’d love to hear from you. Call 844-265-1103 or visit Continue Your Training: – [FREE Video] Avoid the Top 10 Concealed Carry Mistakes – – [Free Issue] Concealed Carry Magazine – – [Free Guide] Choose your Best Gun – – [Free Tips] 101 Easy-To-Master Accuracy Secrets – – [Free Reciprocity Map] Know The Laws In Your State – LET’S CONNECT! Join The USCCA Community: — — — —


USCCA says:

QUESTION: Have you ever encountered a road rage scenario?

Kevin Hayes says:

Been followed a couple of times. Called 911 while driving, requested help. Follower left just before police showed up. Rather talk to them anyway….

Jonathan Caledonis says:

Nothing says you have to stop your car and engage. Keep driving if you can. If they follow you and you need a new destination to drive to… drive to a police station or sheriffs dept not to your home. You can also drive around the block until police arrive. Don't create no win scenarios for yourself.

InYourDefense says:

NEVER get out of the car!!! PERIOD!

Larry Loftis says:

I want to thank you and Tom for another grear video. I really appreciate Tom for all the video's he helps make and for great advis, your probably the only ins. Company that does videos especially ones with such a great lawyer to help cc people do whats right.

iPac_9mm says:

platinum member + spouse
had a similar incident at a redlight, drunk guy gets out started slapping the car windows and yelling.
we just stayed in the car and let when the light turned green. got his tag # and called him in.
at the time it happened I did not have a ccw permit. even if I did I would have done the same and drove off.
you win every fight you avoid.

Datrebor says:

Would it had defused the situation to apologize? Saying I thought the was plenty of room to change lanes. Also would rolling the window make him think he had to break the window to talk to you?
I had a cop in an unmarked car pull in behind me, like that, saying I cut him off. I told him I saw you and you were a full car length behind me. I didn't cut you off. He said to be careful and left.

____Kdoge ____ says:

If they do break the window then should I draw and tell them to leave? Like what should I do if they physically reach in to try to get me out should I draw get my weapon out of play so the subject cant find my wepon and use it on me

Edit: if I cant leave

Doctor Quackenbush says:

Shoot him. j/k

Agreed, no need for the passenger to exit the vehicle. 1) Drive away if there's room. Keep filming in case idiot strikes your vehicle. 2) If idiot does strike vehicle and/or produces a weapon, call PD. 3) If idiot attempts to enter vehicle by breaking a window or idiot produces a weapon capable of injuring occupants, draw and shoot (if necessary). 4) Call PD.

einyv says:

Only happened one time , I was armed but it never came out. I am not sure what happened but this guy started yelling at me and claimed i cut him off and said what the F is wrong with you? I didn't see him even in my lane. But i have a pre-planned script i say which i saw online in one of these type of forums.

I just I am sorry, i just lost my job and found out my wife cheated on my, i guess I didn't see you and I am sorry. All he said back to me was that sucks and moved on.

Nothing exciting but saying that is something think most men would be like, yeah that does suck.

I will not ego rule the day and land me in trouble.

Johnny Future says:

One thing that I do, is back-in park, that way I dont have to back out of my spot to leave, I can just go right away. From the angles, if she was parked rear-in, she could have taken a sharp turn to the left, and got away. Granted she could have clipped his front left side, but with the passenger already filming it, they can both claim their lives felt threatened, and had no other course of option to flee.

Minnesota cowboy up says:

I've fallen pray 4 or 5 times to road rage incidents. It worries me that ALL TOO OFTEN people putting themselves in danger just to record what's going on. PUT DOWN THE PHONE or at least be using to apprise 911 what's going on.

Yak Fishing with Keith Carson says:

This unfortunately happened to me. And unfortunately I got out of the car, the person just yelled then left. I was so busy getting to the festival I didn't see him come around to my door. Situational awareness is the key, and I was code white on that one… #NeverAgain

Truth Seeker says:

Why can't you just back up and bump his car out of the way? Restricting the path to drive away?? that's a sign a bad things to come… That, in itself has elevated this to darn near red in Coopers color code system. It was stupid to park in my opinion. Keep driving to the police station, or some other place like that where the guy realizes what a blooming idiot he looks like.

roberto diaz says:

Start recording, call the police and make sure you defense yourself in case needed. Don’t get out of the car, because you have to wait until the treat comes to you. Don’t go and find trouble.

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