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Ridiculous Self-Defense Techniques

The perfect moves for anyone to defend themselves! GMM 440! Good Mythical MORE: SUBSCRIBE for daily episodes: **** PREVIOUS episode: https://ww…


Penguin Power says:


Monmonstar | Gamer Extraordinaire says:

1:40 i don’t think thats self defence! XD

BlueJayMinecraft says:


Marie O'Connell says:

Haha love you guys

StealthNinjaPie says:

I know a good self defense technique; it’s called a gun.

mad kitty says:

i might take some of the techniques into consideration.

Wessel Gerrits says:

she is coming close to kiss you really slowly she is almost there but then
BAM! and you got a knee in your balls.

ragepoweredgamer says:


TheeldergamersAdam says:

Good mythical afternoon from England.

bearguy20 says:

Hahah, I don’t know my mother. Jokes on them.

DrThunders says:


Brandon Kwan says:

They should just bring backs time travelerers…

Brick Tamland says:

0:36 a pink scythe

The Greatest Cookie says:

wow the mythical mail boulder is getting pretty big already :D

topmobslayer says:

Also I’m Allergic to peanuts

This name is fucking stupid says:

Why did some man in the past have to tell women about our most painful
spot; the ballsack? You traitor, you have doomed us all!

Barkinmadkay says:

Mother’s Day has passed in UK

Finn Pedder says:

Hasnt mothers day passed

Simon Storck says:

That intro

pearsaucetv says:


bob saget says:

You would think that a man that is targeting women would actually think
about maybe wearing a CUP. That is the greatest defense against any woman’s
attack. (Not a creeper!)

fairhairednative says:

Throwing shit in people’s eyes really works. My boyfriend went to a really
ghetto school growing up, and he’d keep fine ash tray sand from his
parents’ restaurant in his pockets. If he got in fights with numerous
people (black kids like to gang up rather than settle shit for themselves),
he’d blind them with it.

John Lenard says:

mothers day is on my birthday :P

volley_bethers_R5 says:

GO PACKERS (Wisconsin girl here) lol

Rachael Carmine says:

totally thought he said baby sling snake attack. lol just put a snake in

LunchyGoodness says:

I have that same exact Packers coozie! GO PACK GO! Haha 

Spencer Morea says:

You said go packers? Unsub.

Sparckle-Ex says:

Pocket sand!!!

Tenshi-chan says:

crunchy or creamy?

Serenitykitten says:


Donte Rolle says:

I like the casserole one. This is what I imagined when you mentioned it.
When the attacker comes slap him in his face with the casarol and as he
falls down the hill you watch him while he rols and rolls… And rolls….
Oh hey look a Toyota. Such a pretty Toyota. (Man hits the car) ohhhh that
Toyota looks a bit bloody now. •-•

Raymond Santiago says:

Mothers day is on my b’day lol

Leah Hooker says:

Not every one has a mother

AurorasLif3 says:

my middle name is Dianne…

imarobotking says:

mothers day was 2 months ago in the uk

Jade Bent says:

I want candy too 🙁 

The Duadan Show says:

poppy seeds are distusting

orangeagosto says:

I don’t have a mom

xxUltiGamerxx says:


Jessica Mamula says:

It’s not self defense but did you know that when you get tickled the
laughing that happens it is an act of panic from your brain that’s why you
can’t tickle yourself your brain doesn’t sense any danger

ladyworpledinker says:

Now we just need Rhett and Link to show tutorial videos of the self defense
acts they shared today.

Samaria Johnson says:

Because i know what my attacker like to snack on lol

vitomixdx says:

Good mythical morning from Mexico 

BreyerSpirit Rain says:


l CSplash l says:

6:30 Picking my nose when he said that.

TheJuggSpartan says:

Wow that ball used to be small

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