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Resourceful Defender Boops Robber On the Snoot

Please thank Magtech for bringing us today’s video of Resourceful Defender Boops Robber On the Snoot! Check them out at; also, go drop a like on their FB page at ASP Extra: ASP Community Standards: ASP merch is now in stock in the store…go get a newly designed limited edition ASP polo! If you value what we do at ASP, would you consider becoming an ASP Patron Member to support the work it takes to make the narrated videos like I Resourceful Defender Boops Robber On the Snoot? or gives the details and benefits. Raw video: News story: Attitude. Skills. Plan. ASP Sponsors and Recommended Products:


Von Wiley says:


Robert Chubb says:


Robert Chubb says:

Nice one…

Robert Chubb says:

BEAUTIFUL….Simple..quick thinking..oh..and effective…

Sean Fowler says:

Did he shoot his self? @4:25 he has a new red spot on his back

handtogocam says:

That was fantastic!!!! 🤣👏🏽

Just like the trainer preached in Rocky IV…

Bush Masta says:

His mate hit the Accelerator the minute he saw him hit the ground,

Jay G says:

Yes. I laughed. The dude on the truck produced a bigger cylinder.

Scarfman 420 says:

I definitely laughed 🤣

Article V says:

Yep. Showed my teeth on that one.

James2020 20 says:

Love to see the mug shot

Ng andwe joshua says:

The guy was like……. Here catch!!!

Karate NWSK says:

Did he say no defence against an alcoholic?

Chris LeDoux says:

He is lucky that didn't hit him directly on top of the head it would have probably killed him

Matt Andrews says:

He give his head a full tank of proPAIN I tell you h’what. Hank Hill style baby.

Theron D. Patron says:

They should have been unloading bowling balls

777America1st Casi says:

As soon as dude got 'booped' dude on moto 'scoot' !

Rox says:

That was great and the idiot never saw the attack coming from above!

Humble is me says:

Think Fast! 😂😂

David R. T says:

That was a perfect effing shot

Yinzer says:

Tips on how to conceal a propane tank???

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