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Reality Is Not Nearly As Dramatic As Hollywood

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S4ZON says:

Was that a third perp outside? Or just oblivious guy on his phone

Ben Hall says:

I wonder what badass song this dude listening to on his earpods

Ben Hall says:

Fuckin hero

Hello there Friend says:

Reaction to being shot varies GREATLY from person to person. A single shot from a .22lr centerchest is enough to drop one guy, while this guy can take 7 shots high center mass and still have to wherewithal to run 100+ feet before collapsing. Caliburs are the variables, capacity is the constant.

FR Bmp says:

Another one bites the dust…

saganist says:

No matter how good your self-defense skills are. No matter how many body guards you might have. If you give people a reason to hate you and they have the means to take you down, they can come up with a good plan to do so. This, among other reasons, is why it is good to be liked and/or respected (and being liked and respected are not exactly the same thing).

Carl Lange says:

Who robs a pants-making factory? They don't come with wallets already in them

kris f says:

room temperature challenge but he lived?

peter h says:

Great to see baddies being punished but sad to hear he survived. Why a pants factory?

Michael Miner says:

I thought the “asphalt temperature challenge” meant the guy died.

Kasper says:

Joke's on the defenders; this was a lead heist.

Jack Hsu says:

Did he take the asphalt challenge or not, you say he does, then you say he ran to the hospital.

Gw Gw says:

That's what they brought on them self can't feel sorry for the criminals!!!

greg mendoza says:

Bruh he had air pods

Frank V. says:

I haven't seen a video this gratifying since the one of that off duty Brazilian cop who shot a perp to pieces while standing outside a jewelry store with his wife.

trey kearns says:

Crowd survey: It's hard to tell in these CCTV videos but was that broken glass on the door or was that blood? also at the end of the video he says he ran off to the hospital and lived but earlier he said he took the room temperature challenge.. which one was it?

calibomber209 says:

Homeboy was listening to bailando while shooting crook

trey kearns says:

When I shoot them with a 45 Its a bit more dramatic than that.. I mean what was he using a 380? He shot him SEVEN TIMES from within 10ft and the guy runs away!

Derp DeDerp says:

Not sure about now but at least used to it was illegal to use anything other than FMJ in your carry weapon in Mexico.

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