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Real Street Fight Self Defense Art “Kalos Agon”

Demonstration of a self defense mixed martial art based on Christian principles of self-control, mercy, and fighting for others before yourself. Kalos Agon (…


yyyboy says:

You can never know for sure. I wouldn’t risk going to the ground unless I had´╗┐ to. You can run away while your enemy is trying to figure out what just happened. An enemy without training in how to fall would probably take a hard landing badly.
Besides, what would you do after the enemy has given up? Breaking his arm and knocking him out would probably be against your philosophy ­čśë

barry davis says:

No such thing as christian fighters bro…
And david wasn’t a christian, he was a jew.
And´╗┐ marvelling at the faith of a Roman centurion doesn’t mean he approves their line of work. He did same thing to prostitutes. I doubt that he’s green lighting that its ok to be christian hookers.
Also, he reprimanded peter who wanted to fight and defend him using a sword, to stand down. Heck, look back at all the christians in the bible and you don’t see anyone fighting once they converted to christianity.

Icnisan says:

I’m not sure if they did’t want to make a video of MMA techniques and takedowns. Ok, it looks really great, but you can’t´╗┐ use many of these in real streetfight. It is too complicated, long and difficult to do in stress situation. For example the techniques with the handgun are very dangerous to do. And many kicks need to be done after stretching and only in good trousers, but what if I have jeans? Please, be careful about using anything you watch in real fight or self-defense…

R Abrams says:

It was´╗┐ clearly explained in the beginning.

Austin Nguyen says:

I like that move there at 00:57´╗┐

gomergilligan says:

just curious – with all your knowledge – do you have peace? Joy? Feel loved? You know – when by yourself – in your´╗┐ room – door closed – sitting alone in the dark/quiet?

xMeaNxOnEx says:

I like your video and I see that the name of your martial art is Greek, ╬║╬▒╬╗¤î¤é ╬▒╬│¤Ä╬Ż means something like fight for a good cause, but the word ¤Ç╬▒╬╣╬┤╬Á╬»╬▒ that you use for your the classes of younger kids although is used´╗┐ correctly is not pronunciated as written paideia but like, p-e as egg-d-i as internet-a if that makes any sence.

ChamorruWarrior says:

Your take is incorrect… The world consists of 7 billion people, almost 2 billion of them ALONE belong to the Roman Catholic church (The largest belief system on earth). This does not include the´╗┐ other 100,000 Protestant Christian churches nor does it include any form of Islam, Buddhist, Shinto, Hindu, Sikh, and the list goes on… You’re probably just surrounded by people like yourself, but believe me, the world is still “hallucinating” on the idea that there’s something bigger than ourselves

ChronoSerum says:

I was taught to forgive your enemies by Christians etc. So disarm and hug them?

Anyway, main thing is, Christians have demonstrated to me currently that the religion doesn’t work and also, many other things.

Dont want to get into´╗┐ a theological argument but pretty sure these days that heaven, spirits, gods and realms of the spirit are based on the hallucinations of the old ppl. Sorry if this offends you but this is currently my take on religion.

ChamorruWarrior says:

Well that’s not how Christianity works, so you probably shouldn’t act like it’s contradicting our entire belief system if we knife disarm someone instead of fall to our knees and hope God and the angels are gonna fly in on chariets of fire. God is not gonna help you if you don’t even try to help yourself… I could go on and explain Catholic theology in detail, but it would be easier to say reguardless of your “current experience” you don’t seem to understand Christianity and it’s´╗┐ teachings.

ChronoSerum says:

Meh. Just means God is missing in action for me. ´╗┐

ChamorruWarrior says:

I would NEVER do a flying armbar in a self defense situation…That being said, I like everything else, very cool video and I LOVE that you incooperate Christianity into your self defense system. I’m Roman Catholic and I’m sick of people assuming because we teach and practice peace, love, kindness and forgiveness that we have to be weak, silly minded people who are suppose to rely on God to come flying in on the clouds and strike down all who may oppose us! haha Such BS, thank you for the video!´╗┐

ChamorruWarrior says:

You are not understanding Christianity if you think we teach that “If a guy is charging you with a knife and you pray hard enough, he will magically disapear.” That is nonsense, we’ve existed in this world (through some of the worst moments in human history) long enough to know that even if we practice peace, it’s not always an option if you don’t want´╗┐ to die.
Christianity teaches and practices love and forgiveness, but this world doesn’t always give us peaceful options, welcome to earth… >.>

Stahldonner says:

good and realistic technics that you demonstrated and no bs like many other vids here on yt. i agree with violence in selfdefence, otherwise there is never a reason that justifies any form of it. best wishes for you and your frinds.
sincere regards from´╗┐ germany ,god bless you ­čÖé

Minecraftjumba01 says:


ChronoSerum says:

I agree with defend yourself. But in my opinion, the Christian faith should be about forgiveness. Especially due to current experience, I have more doubt for Christians and their god and philosophy. Also, I don’t believe in claims of gods or goddesses.

but aside from that, David was probably pretty good but I wonder why these people wouldn’t just rely on God to fight for them like they preach sometimes?´╗┐

beauch says:

Christian warriors have existed since the dawn of time. Jesus himself marveled at´╗┐ the faith of a Roman centurion. Kind David was arguably the greatest martial artist in history.
While we all wish for peace, we live in a world where we must defend our neighbors from inevitable evil, and do so with skill, self-control, and mercy. Not until we get to heaven will this axiom remain true: Si vis pacem para bellum.
All the best,
-Beau Ch.

ChronoSerum says:

Christian fighters… ? I thought those are busy chasing off imaginary foes for us. ? Aren’t Christians supposed to practice peace not war?´╗┐

Antoine Cossette says:

very nice self-defence video´╗┐

Matt Henderson says:

Despite most´╗┐ of the comments, I love how you’ve incorporated a lot of BJJ into your system; I love BJJ as much as anyone could and it lights a small fire in my heart to see someone who treats our art with respect, instead of calling it gay or ridiculous. Much respect, mate.

Alejandro DIVER says:

If God exists´╗┐ he is not in your favor, but he is not against you either.

0713mas says:

Great choreograph!´╗┐ Lots of these techniques are very good…Pulling guard in a self defense situation is not wise, and a flying armbar is ridiculous.

Geoff Tsang says:

No offense but is this just a kind of modified MMA? Cuz i see that in some sitiuation shown in the vid a direct groin strike would have´╗┐ saved time and effort. Btw it is awesome to see Christ’s work in martial arts and self-defense!
– Christian from Hong Kong ­čÖé

iz2sicc says:

You argument applies no matter how you fight. Their´╗┐ buddy can walk in even if you are standing up. The opponent can pull a weapon even if you’re standing up. Here’s the thing though, it will be harder for them to pull that weapon on you if you have him grappled. Also, you seem to think that grappling takes a ton of time. Streets fights don’t usually occur between two martial artists. Someone that doesn’t know proper defense is going to get a limb broken in a matter of seconds.

iz2sicc says:

Remember, submissions only apply to competition. In the streets, an arm bar is going to break your arm unless the person who is applying it has some compassion for you which is doubtful if you were trying to cause him physical harm. To tell you the truth, I’ve used submissions´╗┐ a couple of times to neutralize a fight without anyone getting injured. Sometimes all it takes is to let the other person know that you can cause a lot of injury if they don’t stop and walk away.

iz2sicc says:

What are you talking about? You should know what surface you’re on at all times. Do you not pay attention to the ground you walk on? And as beauch eluded to, adrenaline does wonders. The fight or flight mechanism in our bodies numbs us out to prepare us for response. If you are a´╗┐ trained martial artist, pulling a guard when able is very effective. You might be bigger than me standing up, but on the ground, we are the same size.

slyonme says:

cause if you submit your oponnent..well you won the´╗┐ fight
broken arm or leg usually means the end..
helpppppppppp or stopppppppppppppp follows

chris harris says:

well said.I think this style is awsome.reminds me´╗┐ me of F.I.G.H.T.

sirseigan says:

The problem with fight outside the “cage” is that you never know. If you tangle up in your opponent and his buddy walks in on´╗┐ you are screwed – with a possible deadly outcome. The same with hidden weapons – you never know if you opponent has a weapon or not. Better to assume he has both buddies and weapons that you do not know about and act accordingly. If you train to end everything in submission you will do that when in a fight no matter the circumstances as it becomes a automatic response.

Taimi Guektasch says:

this´╗┐ is krav maga?

kaki gadoh says:

Hey´╗┐ but my enemy so big to attack
so how?

beauch says:

The emphasis of KA is definitely on a “street fight applicability,” so when it comes to rules (even cage fighting rules) I would not necessary suggest it.
We do train periodically in an´╗┐ MMA cage and play with “sport-fighting” but primarily for the upper-division belts because we want to emphasize first and foremost practical, street-fight applicability.
With that said, note that not all the moves in this video are for the streets; we really had fun with the more entertaining, ‘flashy’ moves. ­čÖé

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