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Questionable Stop Leads To Deadly Situation

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Active Self Protection says:

I misspoke in the video. I said probable cause when I meant to say Reasonable Articulable Suspicion. Now the officer might have smelled jazz cabbage before saying so, but he definitely initiated detention before saying so. I stand by our analysis and should have been more careful in my words there.

George Kondylis says:

This is why cops are hated. Poor training and hiring practices.

Jogmaster9 says:

Any reasonable law abiding citizen would have complied with the officer’s request, the man was clearly a scum bag, he shot first and paid the price. 11:53

Brandon says:

“My ass itch” = Somebody did some stupid sh*t 😂

Vic Crown says:

The officer literally said he smelled marijuana at the very beginning. That was reasonable suspicion enough to look into it further. And if dude has a card and shows it, “have a good night”. And this dude decided to run and shoot a cop and you’re putting it on the cop that caused all this? And mike…. from a former law enforcement officer, to actually say that you think there should be two man cars everywhere, you know, tax wise, that’s not possible, so why bring it up?

Twin Rivers says:

All I can say is, this hurts my heart.

marcopolodarts says:

Stopping this guy on his walking late at night is not a legal stop. Cops always smell Marijuana to CYA when it fits their narrative. The free citizens, as we all have the right to keep going during an illegal and involuntary interaction. The guy said he felt nervous, probably since he did have a gun, though legal. He probably interpreted the cop's statement that if he had a gun, it wasn't going to end well as a threat to his own safety. If he has a criminal record, it might be the reason for his reaction. If not a threat to his own safety. I can see the attorneys arguing that to the jury.

Patrick Jones says:

9:29 it was a white guy that was shot… no national news agency will care.

FAMILY FIRST Macon, Ga. says:

Years ago a cop pulled me over because he said I didnt have on my seatbelt.(which i did) When he walked up first thing he said was, "i see you put your seltbelt on.(lie) When I said I had my seatbelt on, he said he smelled alcohol.(I don't drink) So I agreed to take the test. Blew a ZERO. He told me to get back in my car, then said he smelled marijuana.(I don't smoke) So he searched my car, didnt find anything. Then told me I could go, just next time wear my seatbelt. I made it out alive, but these unjustified stops, need to end.

Texas_Hippy says:

Clearly violated constitutional rights waived qualified immunity and become an armed kidnappers

steviek1980 says:

I’m sorry, but if a police officer stops me, probable cause or reasonable articulable suspicion, whatever. I’m going to do as they say, our rights won’t protect us in the moment.

Patrick Jones says:

Terrible reason to stop somebody, but this dude was wanting to kill the cop or suicidal by going for a gun… Either case the shooting was justified. Don't go for a gun when you're being detained by cops… it's just stupid.

Texas_Hippy says:

Cops straight up removed this man from the planet
That’s attempt to kidnap and murder

Christopher Cole says:

Is the world a better place after this interaction? If No, then WHAT WAS THE POINT?!?

Jay Smith says:

That was a shitty situation point blank. No puns intended. That was horrendous.

alexd509 says:


Roy Atkin says:

If the next day he goes in to a school and makes the news was it a good stop.


The shooting should have never happened because the officer illegally tackled that man …unnecessary escalation…this cop should not be a cop .

MDTerp says:

Follow instructions and worry about rights later. He would be alive if he had. I know that people will comment and say he has rights. Okay. Where do those rights get him? Six feet under. When instructed by cops to stop, please stop. Sue them later if it was unjustified but stay alive.

Jonathan Toledo says:

I think that what said is good for the context

Jakob1990#DK says:

Well for all you Americans out there, this is just plain murder… fucking own it !

Bryan george says:

Lol. You guys lean toward bootlickers.

jon doe says:

Who would've thought you need to fear for your life because of the police murdering you wallking home from tthe store

Robert Barnard says:

i swear it is hard to respect law enforcement these days, The best thig you can do for yourself is to try and avoid any and all contact with law enforcement period.

Shorty McVay says:

I imagine this would've gone different if the dude didn't have a gun and tried to run 👌
criminals get what they deserve 🤷

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