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Q&A with the coach: Squats, Bill Wallace, Gorgeous George, Self Defense too good to be true

MMA coach Ramsey Dewey answers questions from the viewers.


Sami Ratilainen TKD says:

Really good Q&A again Ramsey👍 I personally like Bill Wallace and i highly recommend to wach his seminars (he injured his right knee, not left😀 but its OK) Congrats on reaching 70 thousand subs! Im still trying to get 10😆

Shok Music says:

You get a thumbs up for the metal slime bit.

WeBad89 says:

Great knowledge is funny but you incredibly look like a singer from Pantera Phil Anselmo.He also likes fighting sports ,primarily boxing

getmerolling says:

I watch your video's almost like a tv show. So cool to get honest info, no sugar coating but real and inspiring enthusiasm!

Blackerer says:

Ha! "Tell the truth, man. Tell the truth! Because when you tell the truth… when you tell the truth, you dont have to go to all the trouble of remembering your web of lies." Has been something Ive tried to do, and hopefully mostly succeeded, for over a decade. Well, I also add to it that the danger of remembering your web of lies is that you might end up unable to see the truth about anything anymore, which is even worse and is one of the most self destructive things that you can do to yourself.

Docinaplane says:

I'm sorry to disagree with you, but Bill Wallace fought orthodox and used his left leg for the reason you said. No big deal. I trained originally in Indiana and Bill was from Muncie. His speed and flexibility was off the chart. I think that the pioneers, who were exceptional at the time, would still be exceptional today because they had a very good work ethic and were athletically skilled. Just now they would have a more evolved and wider skill set.

Chris Capoccia says:

also because skeleton racers don't just "hold on for dear life". they need strength to maintain aerodynamic position against all the g-forces and flex their body to provide steering

Yu Suzuki says:

Expose Menamy Mitanes the Systema con man

BeyondFatal47 says:

Great video as always Ramsey. As I always say credibility is everything.

kai yan says:

He uses his left leg

broken radio says:

I really disagree with what you said with bullying. To deal with bullying, FIRST, YOU GOTTA PUNCH HIM IN DA NUTS, DEN CHAWP EM RIGHT HERE, IT'S VERY BASIC AND SIMPOR!

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