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Problems with The Guillotine Choke for Self Defense | featuring Eli Knight & Ryan Hoover

This is a discussion about something that drives me crazy. All the things that people say they “would do” in response or reaction to a choke are very revealing about their level of training or their actual experience with applying or having chokes applied to them. • There was a recent “self defense expert” showing a pressure point release to a Guillotine Choke that was in the top 5 most unrealistic responses I’ve ever seen. • I’ve had countless comments on videos where I demonstrate and explain front headlocks and guillotines by the “just shoot/stab him” crowd about what they would do, which by the near impossibility of what they describe, reveal that they have never had this choke actually applied to them. But they have a computer and keyboard and an imagination and can lie about their “training experience” so they get a voice in the comment section unfortunately. • The breakdown in the conversation comes from lack of training, and people being dishonest with themselves about their abilities. My opinion is this: Train real things. Talk online less than you train. • Pretty simple. Hope you enjoy the video. Thanks to Ryan for doing this video with me and to Fit to Fight®️ México and the whole FTF Republic family. • More detailed instruction for Self Defense and Sport by joining this channel or by going to • Follow me on Instagram @knight_jiu_jitsu_ • Awesome CBD Products with my discount For 20% Off use discount code: ELIKNIGHT20 • Follow me on DTube:!/c/knightbjj • Follow me on Steemit:


Richman Richard says:

Nice outro!! 🙂

Chief Whiteknuckle says:

This style of video is really enjoyable! Spur of the moment feel, but to the point and very true. Maybe add a better microphone to improve the soundquality, but I really dig this already.

Zach Aklys Defense says:

" In a real fight … " Gives me the heads up that whatever they say is more than likely BS and has no exp for what comes after it . Thanks For the great vid's guys !

Matt Kane says:

That looks like a place kids go to fight! See you under the bridge after school

Carlo Rusconi says:

Is guillotine a blood choke or a mixed blood/air choke? I ask that because in the gym people tap but they do not in the street. I do not want to break someone neck or trachea. I want people go to sleep… Anyway, street or not, guillotine is an high percentage choke. There should be no doubts about that.

Адильбек Рамадан says:


TigerNinjaDragon says:

They go for something in their pocket, they give you the kimura. They dont reach for something, they go to sleep. Whats with all these people trying to pick apart the art but some how cant grasp that the sport isnt one dimensional. You get the guillotine locked then straight front kick to the nuts then lock it up tight. What thing in their pants do you think theyre going to grab? Its a street fight, theres no rules here. The laymen needs to stop trying to pick out the faults of jiu jitsu, they have know idea.

TheCrushmaster says:

The issue for me is that even if the bad guy going for a knife would be stupid (because of the speed of the choke), it could still happen and mess you up, even if after one or two stabs he's lights out. Thoughts?

yougoBoy says:

I’d say doing a guillotine is too risky in self defense. A good wrestler can just pick you up and slam you on the concrete. I’ve seen that happen many times. Sprawling can help that but then if the guy escapes you will be in a bad position. Or you can get von flu choked. Like I said, too risky..

Josh F says:

As a knife fighter who has practiced against jiu jitsu we usually win if you leave us able to access our weapon. We will attack the grip with the blade..I don't suggest guillotine vs us. You need to disable our arms to win. I'll admit this video is an improvement and did give a thumbs up. (I do kali HEMA jiujitsu and Muay Thai)
  my point of mentioning that I fight with weapons was to indicate my experience blade vs blade or any other combination. Also there is the problem of applying lethal force(choke) they get to escalate and go after your organs/arteries. It is best to control arms and take control of the tool. Disengage weapons if you have a choice friends.-to answer a comment below arterial chokes are lights out but even untrained blades(meaning excluding me) can end you by making you bleed out by lucky hits to highly vascular tissue. Chokes aren't instant especially if you have to let go from a hit. It's best to prevent it with arm manipulations.

Street boxing UK says:

I wouldn't say weapon access was a concern for me, concern would be, if I'm in a street altercation there are probably more than one, I don't want to give up cover for long – stuff like guillotine can get messy and hit drawn out impasses once adrenaline is degrading skills. I like the sprawl and disengage and that would be my personal preference, additionally because a bigger stronger guy may tackle you to the floor from the guillotine which is never a fun place to be given the above likelihood of multiples. I have no doubt that EK could do his work fast enough but on the street, average humans are scared and outgunned and nothing is easy.

Phantom Mask PERU says:

come to Peru! you are THE BEST

Hannibalwantsahug Grande says:

Yall are badass…. I hope to never street fight you 😁

NurfWaterGun says:

The guillotine is so annoying. When your going for a takedown. 😞

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