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Private Citizen Helps Stop Active Killers But Pays Dearly

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@midwestgrown says:

Damn. That's a lesson for sure. 😢

@flash2867 says:

If he didn’t see that’s one thing but if I see other armed people who look of military or police. I will not be stepping in

@brettharman8921 says:

statistics indicate bearing a firearm increase your odds of being killed or jailed.

@jayb2344 says:

Psalms 4:20 ~ And Jesus said, “Let freedom reign and turn the desert into a glass parking lot for then peace shall be known across the interwebs”

@NoWay-us1is says:

But no one ever talks about John Hurley… where’s officer Donut or, active self protection on that one? Why can’t you help shine light on a hero done wrong?

@harvortiz4756 says:

That incident was too far for the Good Samaritan. He was wide open, no cover. 3rd party? Not worth your own life😰

@Osprey1994 says:

What does doing nothing cost you…that is the question. For some, they sleep well at night knowing they live through the event. For some, the idea of not doing anything is sickening. You may lose everything that is true…but you may save others in the process.

In this case, it looks like the terrorists were on the retreat, and this guy got WAY too close likely due to lacking the skills or capability to hit targets at distance.

It was an unfortunate sacrifice…

@MyBlackandRedCZ says:

I feel more sorry for that pregnant woman. 😢

@joshhutchinson9023 says:

We ALL know who the good guys are here… MUSLIM EVIL MUST BE NAMED.

@Sk3wd33 says:

1:04 The, what looks to be like, nun's double-duck (grace from the Big Guy) saved her life.😮‍💨✝

@deric999 says:

Honestly the thing that scares me the most about stepping into this scenario is the outcome for the private citizen that stopped the threat. People responding a couple seconds later don’t see who was the bad guy

@richardharding7767 says:

Think Jewish people go to Valhalla? I bet that guy did!!

@BrotherArmzz says:

Did you say “this happens in the US very infrequently?” We have mass shootings all the time. We’ve also have civilians who stop the threat mistakenly shot by the police a few times.

@ChristopherAnderson-wb4gq says:

Approach with caution it’s a mad mad world

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