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Priest Has To React Quickly At Mass | Active Self Protection

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Panda Man USA says:

Catholic priests take a vow of pacifism along with celibacy. They are not allowed to defend themselves or they risk losing their priesthood.

ActionJackson says:

Guy in Charleston did carry in church.

NK Community Patrol Watch says:

If is was stated somewhere the church had a security team then you need to realize its not "security" like you might think there. 95% of Canadian church "security teams" are just congregants with no training who make sure the church his locked up and help with parking. and the 5% that maybe are trained teams don't carry guns. Guns scare my fellow Canadians. Oh Canada where the bad guy gets the first chance at attack pretty much by law.

Jeremy Smith says:

The Priest might have been a perv or a thief. I would have liked hear the perp's side.

Cody Fields says:

As a full-time pastor I carry every Sunday.

Christopher J Smith says:

Most Catholic dioceses do not tolerate bringing weapons into the church – even when and where the law would normally allow it. And the Priests, during Mass I can fairly confidently say never carry during Mass. I still CCW when I go to Mass – but it stays concealed because it's nobody's business. When it comes to protecting innocent life, God forbid, my conscience will be clean I assure you.

Justice9111 says:

Matthew 23:9
And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.


Bet you Priest molested that guy, if that is the case dont care.

Toomuchdebt says:

Priest probably did something to him as a child. Who knows? That's Canada gun control heaven.

Michael says:

Good job with the weight loss John!

emcee405 says:

Our Episcopal Diocese required all congregations go over an active shooter protocol. We went over "Run Hide Fight" and how to barricade the sanctuary doors if need be at our church's annual meeting.

P. w. S. says:

Yes my church does like you I am part of a security for the church family and friends.
John, today was a day that what you speak teach and encourage became very real in my life. I’m commenting right now so I’m a good student and God protects me. I’m blessed I believe and I Stand and Deliver.
God Bless You John

Austin Fahnestock says:

Why i always carry even in church. One time a guy interrupted a service i was attending and was acting weird like this guy. The pastor talked him down an he left but it was sure glad to feel the but of my glock in my hand knowing i could shoot him if he reached for anything to harm the pastor. Be prepared people!

fep_ ptcp says:

For the nerds out there: this would never happen to Father Grigori

fep_ ptcp says:

This was a legit mass murderer attempt!

Kerry Lamb says:

Glad the priest is ok.
Here in GA my GCL isn't good inside a church unless the priest says it is okay. As far as I am aware none of the local churches are good with anyone other than a cop carrying, so I no longer attend.

Jason Nixon says:

Our church does allow is to carry as long as the elders and pastors approve it. We have 2 security members on every Sunday in rotation. They're are 8 of us on rotation, several being current/former law enforcement. So working with them I learn a substantial amount. Very thankful for my team members and church members. So I also empathize for areas that do not allow concealed carry and my prayers go out to them. Stay frosty and safe everyone. God bless all of you and for you as well John for always bring us new videos to learn from.

JoshuaJustListens says:

about 20% of our congregation are carrying (legally). this attacker would be swiss cheese. biggest problem for the rest of us would be not to get caught in the crossfire.

gomcse says:

People are such literal sheep. No one does anything to stop the perp, they just keep distance and dance around him. If he wanted to he could have killed anyone he felt like.

MultiSkyman1 says:

maybe the priest was a pedo?

outcold 77 says:

Do we know why he was singled out

outcold 77 says:

Moral of the story is don’t rape little kids. You could get dead.

pablo just pablo says:

Why did the attacker stop and just give up? Nobody did anything he just surrendered

petenelms1 says:

We have 2 Police Officers present during Church each service. I feel safe as several of us are armed as well.

David Watson says:

Thanks John for the video. My son in Tasmania Australia is an acolyte at the Cathedral and serves on the Alter every week. This is good training for him in awareness and self protection. Anthony

Juan Delacruz says:

Haha, here in the Philippines Priests have guns and I'm not joking, go look it up.

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