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Prepared Homeowner Gets The Drop On Burglars

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Taylor West says:



Wild says:

"Thank God that homeowner had a firearm to defend himself."
Me, a Brit, a victim of 1 home invasion, 3 burglaries & 1 attempted burglary: ;c

Jay W says:

Legends are always true

Carmen Sidari says:

They left like the keystone robbers…

Licensed and insured says:

Those guys forget they left the oven on LMAO ! Too funny 😂

William Andrade says:

Thanks God he is safe

ansabits says:

Damn, I hoped the owner had a rifle or something…

Al B. Dersame says:

This guy must be a regular viewer of A.S.P. He had a brilliant camera system in his home, with incredible clarity. I just wish he could have gotten at least "One" to take the room temperature challenge. I love how these brazen fools sing a different tune, when the tables are turned. "Look attchew NOW" !!! And thanks John for getting "Legend has it" outta the way, so we don't have to read it a million times in the comments .. Brilliant as always …

PerfectChaosdoesntEx says:

Lol KIA soul…lamest car ever.

Olivers_ Rage says:

His clothes were off duty

James Kolan says:

Love the religious icon on the homeowner's wall.

Samuel Jimenez says:

Brazil has a legendary group of runners who haven’t stopped running

Adam Kadmon says:

No home invaders killed in this video.

efishe22292 says:

What kind souls, they left him a Kia Soul for his troubles

Top Dog says:

Why does the video say "Sex" on the top left?

koeix2 says:

A perfect example of why you need an AR15 or AK47. Because you cannot hope to engage multiple armed attackers with just a pistol or a shotgun and expect to get out of this fight unscathed, or alive even. It's a rare occurrence, but an occurrence you're gonna wish you had one. So to you Beto supporters, Hell no you wont take our "assault weapons", hell no we will not be victims to feel good laws.

mumnun sadat says:

Once there was a robber came to our house to rob us but my father put a bullet through his leg. Then we locked the robber in our basement and tortured him for 6 month until he died and desolved him body in acid. During the torture he begged my father to call the police. But we didn't 😂😂🤣🤣

Matias Gutierrez says:

Some politicians want us to only have 3 shots that would really suck n this position maybe the politician needs to be put in this situation

Marrt says:

"He surrendered his gun to the police for the investigation"
… what if they come back for revenge? At least that would be on my mind until they are caught.

jonrms says:

I think you raised some great points 👍, BUT, I disagree on which choice of firearm to use a pistol in HIS situation and location was perfect. His moving, ( this is speculation ) could be because he heard them shouting and scrambling to get out of there. This guy did a great job, but how the heck did he miss??? He was stood long enough to have shot the first person and lock onto another before they could draw a shot. My view is he hesitated, remember that the moment you take out your firearm, you must commit to the potential of using lethal force. Overall glad he and the "worker" are safe.

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