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Polish Taxi Driver Robbed By Young Couple

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ghostmanromeo Ray uk says:

So many horrible people out there in world. I hope karma hits them hard.

Dingus V.2 says:

This one makes me pissed off


Love that they were captured on video. The girl's mug annoyed me.

Doogs Smee says:

About the only defence the driver had was some sudden use of accelerator and brake pedal

Oluseyi Mafe says:

I don't know why people just like to cause problems for themselves. Like how would you pull that off and think you can go away? So freaking dumb.

BunnyG says:

If the driver was wearing a seat belt & the armed robber was not, what would have happened if the driver drove straight into a concrete wall or a large tree?

Lucas Turek says:

Dumbass asked, " are you going to call the cops?
Driver: No
Dumbass: Are you sure?
Driver: Yes

Dale Fry says:

The girl is evil, the guy psycho. You can see he considered giving the driver a stab with his knife just before leaving. Many times a quick jab on exiting has been fatal to the victim. Glad there was a camera there, too!

Joseph says:

The male robber's sweatshirt said : "Pitbull Rescue" 😆😆😆

jramir2 says:

Peeps like this should get out of jail when they are 70 yrs old.

Mat says:

Bro why did you have to post this, this doesn’t teach us any kind of lesson

Chris says:

Probably on drugs

MV M says:

Govna. Poljaci, pokažite im našu pravdu.


The girl seems entertained…

PurpleQueenSloth says:

They deffinetaly have phsycopathic traits. Should get checked.

Kaileb Cooke says:

Ew she was just ew. Like so ew unbelievably ew.

TheRotorhound says:

I guess this is common enough that the drivers need cams.

jeff frei says:

She's picking her nose on camera


I am 3rd Dan in smelybutiereallybadjitsu

Vorti The Vortigaunt says:

"The kids are our future"

Dewey Oxberger says:

this is why you dont let people behind you!!!! would never do uber, taxi, or any kind of driver.

GOD says:

Even this asshole gets cute gf, and me the superior youtube watcher still nothing. Look at her lovely smile 2:34
btw you would be no head blackbelt after this if you think martial art would save him from this cocooruhead from attack from behind. Even that little hand movement he did from fear was pure luck. It is equivalent of thinking that you could take his gun while he shoots you from behind while you were in middle of conversation with sand in your eyes. Even if they were walking towards each other on street, he would be stabbed like 3 times before even realizing that he is being stabbed.
It is not movie where they have angry look, tatoo on face, bald head, jacket saying "i m the bad guy" and shout "I m going to attack you now"
In poland it is hard af to get gun, which is the only thing that could help him and even then he would likely get deadly cut on him before the dude drops, as we seen many times on this channel. Dudes run and shoot for like 3minutes even with 5 deadly wounds.

The real reason why driver is fine, is because dude just wanted money. If he actually wanted the driver gone, he would be goner in first 3seconds. Attack looks different than this intimidation, it is not his first rodeo either.

John Edward says:

So sad old man working hard and these assholes doing this.

Roman Pernal says:

I hope they get time

FraZz J says:

Add an extra 20 year to their sentences for all that smiling.

Paul Revere says:

And that’s why you don’t drive Uber.

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