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Plenty of Stupid To Go Around In Gas Station Confrontation

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TitoRick says:

Hard Core Parkour!

ASP time for a "fails" edition? Please! Cmon Man?!🥴

Well Then says:

Lmfao! So much stupid in one place holy shit.

Biden Joe Is Demented1 says:

Never bring a baseball bat to fight a car, cause you will lose.
Guy though he had Thor's version of a hammer in baseball bat form

Alicia Altair says:

I would consider a guy with a bat coming at me in my car an imminent deadly threat. I mean what's the alternative, sit there waiting for rescue while he smashes out the windows and tries to kill you?

Scott Coburn says:

Pretty sure Its a dodge but it don't really matter

Jay Q says:

America's funniest Videos

Coma Toast says:

Triple putz…difficulty 3.8 score 7.5 missed the landing

Doug Foster says:

the guy is lucky and smart to jump. Probably saved his life.

omel7 says:


Phrish says:

Triple putz! Lol

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