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Physical Altercation With Three Judges Results In Jail Time

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Keiggan Lange says:

I live in Indianapolis and work nights as a trauma nurse at the #1 trauma center. We get stuff like this every night. Sad to see it on camera. We need more sane, SOBER, moral, prudent people!

Kaa Nac says:

Harold and Kumar surely disappaeared before this started

John Doe says:

Too bad none of the guns used was a Taurus judge

Diaz says:

Lol I'm sure these judges got away with a lot more bs in the past. They just got caught this time. America legall corruption at it's best

L Dope says:

Those judges don't even deserve to have their life nonetheless authority position over the public… not saying the shooter was justified either but those judges were certainly on a power trip. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Konnor Werth says:

Yup judges start it dude defends himself gets charged judges only get violations. Love seeing them get what they deserve

FAnC Wings says:

Judges are guilty simple

mikestand714 says:

woman started it

Streaky the Dangler says:

This whole situation situation stinks of government corruption. Fists can be lethal too, especially when the beatings occur when one party is outnumbered.
No heroes here, no victims either. Stay home at night, folks. Be smart and play nice.

Jessy says:

I don't think the guy should have gotten jail time.

Boston Mike says:

Sounds like the woman started it all. At least 4 rules of stupid were broken here.

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