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Phoenix LEO Forced to Confront Man With a Firearm

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Las Vegas Romania says:

"What is drugs"?

daniel Sibley says:

All crap sandwiches taste bad but one's like this are just not palatable.

Crimwolf 76 says:

I love a feel good story in the morning. Thanks John.

muddywater64 says:

When all else fails, "Target practice"……..Too Soon?

Joel says:

The fact we have many more people living among us willing to behave this foolishly bothers me more than seeing this one killed.

Jim LaPorta says:

Death wish was granted…

Ciscokid Kid says:

Suicide by cop.

3DCGdesign says:

This is how to commit suicide with a bb gun. "…told to drop the weapon which was later determined to be a BB gun"

sail farah says:

ofcourse he didnt survive his injuries ..look at all them bullets hittim him🤣

Jo Ski says:

Why don’t they just head shot these fruitcakes if they want to die so badly

President T Nediserp says:

I ended this video early after hearing drop the gun a thousand times with no change in circumstances.🙄

Ted Williams says:

proof guns are tools. that guys gun didnt magically jump up and aim itself at the cops, the guy HAD to aim the gun. guns are only as dangerous as the people wielding them and you cant legislate evil out of the heart of man. guns save more lives than they take. good on these cops stepping in the line of fire. hope they recover mentally ok.
probably wont see this on lamestream news as it doesnt fit their narrative that all cops are bad and all guns are bad. if useful idiots decide to "peacefully" riot over this, i hope all footage is released to the public.

Saul Teanuts says:

Imagine having to show folks from all over the world how disgusting your home town is all the time.. lol

Nick Hernandez says:

Just yesterday I watched Miami Beach police dealing with a super aggressive homeless man. Reminded me how lucky I am to not be an officer.

Napoli by Night says:

drugs make you behave strangely, then you need help and not someone who shoots you. (i doubt americans understand).

Provocateur SK says:

The cops always have the choice to not harm them and go to heaven instead.

Masaki Vlogs says:

Cop pleased him that's unusual

† Max Power † says:

I feel bad for those officers definitely didn't wanna shoot.

NCLUSA says:

I feel for the cop that first shot this POS, most cops don't want to kill people. If a person is doing something that messes up their mind this much then maybe they shouldn't be doing it. They call it Dope for a reason.

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