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Peruvian Defender Wins The Fight

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Tydollasign Racks says:

Love when a bullet rips thru n leaves a dirtbag froze

Al Wong says:

Transition zone!! At least he didn't have his back to the road.

Vida de Cachorro says:

"Wins the fight"???? He got shot and his money was taken. wtf? Clickbait or honest mistake?

Dark Zak says:

He took the "Incan Red Clay Tile" temperature challenge

ConservativeRiot says:

I liked it better when it was just you.

mobucks555 says:

Ugh so many videos from South America.

Miles Van Mlatsha says:

I want to send you a video

Gerry Jeuring says:

He should be already to go gun out when two bikes roll up, but reality dumb ass criminal too.

Rage Fury says:

Nothing good ever comes out of dealing in crime. You will just become a target, whether it be by authorities, other bad guys, or both. You win every fight that you can avoid.

Jellyheard says:

I’ve watched all of these videos with your ‘boss’ and not a fan of her doing videos with you.
Maybe she should stay in the office and let you do your job.

don macdonald says:

John introducing us to all these new presenters makes me worried hes about to take a step back in the channel. I thought John was ceo? Has he sold the channel or something?

Russel Sellick says:

While I understand why a high chest shot may be preferable to overcome an attacker in my admittedly limited experience everyone I've seen gut shot drops immediately, the lower abdomen has far more nerves in it so damage here is immensely painful. Secondly and it has happened in my part of the world if your attacker is wearing a bullet proof vest that first low shot may give you a huge advantage. Too many fake cops in South Africa you see. So if you do put him out of action with that first shot that gives you more time and ammunition to deal with further attackers.

You mention John Farnam and I think he calls it the zipper? If you are firing fast he may, as he drops, collect follow up shots in your preferred target area.

I have been an eye witness to three people being shot and one shot on CCTV in a gunshop I worked in – we had an attached shooting range.

First one got shot in the belly with a .25, he dropped screaming and performing and dropped his knife which is why he was shot. This of course could be psychological as well. I don't know his ultimate fate but he was only two blocks from a major casualty unit.

Number two collected a 357 magnum through his left bicep, his reaction was to clap his arm over the wound. Number three collected a 357 through her left shoulder. She was told she was shot and didn't believe it until she touched her shoulder and stepped into a lighter area and saw it was blood. Only then did she scream and fall. These two were the same incident and the woman wasn't the intended victim… So much for 357..

The fourth was a client of the range, three men rented a 9mm and didn't really listen to the range officer or any else. One walked off the range with a loaded 9mmP (CMJ ammo) and turned round and pointed it at the second and shot him through the guts. The bullet struck a dry wall behind and stopped on a steel plate. If my boss hadn't put the plate there the third guy would have collected the bullet in his ankle. The victim collapsed instantly and yelled as he did so. All three were Indian nationals and all returned to India as quickly as possible before the police organised themselves…the victim recovered very quickly but then our ER surgeons routinely treat gun shot wounds. South Africa is a great training ground for trauma surgeons.

So four victims, two instant collapses with a 25 and a very underpowered 9mm. Two hardly reacted at all to a 357 and that woman was shot in the upper chest.

B says:

I'm glad that bad guys are more accepting the lesser known variants of the temperature challenge.

How progressive of them.

irvin defensor says:

i alwys watch ur vedios idol… from philippones

Slack Hackman says:

I like to believe both attacker and defender in this video got what they deserved.

Jeff Harras says:

It was a bag of dole bananas 🍌

Jeff Harras says:

More mafia hits please 🙏 😢

Karl Dunne says:

Howard Storm Story – 10:15s talks about where people go after they die 🤢……. YouTube.

Karl Dunne says:

I can't recommend enough 👍🏼…(I pray that the Holy Spirit go ahead of me today!🙂….! Untill I get home ✝️🏡)…….it's kinda like "The Blues Brothers"😎👍🏻✝️.

Dre The wall says:

Not to be rude John but I enjoyed it when it was just you. Feels like now these ppl just want their “fame”. They need to just keep doing their job and you do yours. Sorry. Not just the lady but the other guy too.

RAEL says:

There is a video where a cop is ambushed by a person he pulled over. The first bullet hits his hand and from that point on he is limp wristing his Glock and it won't cycle. He has to manually rack the slide with each bullet. But he DOES manually rack the slide and kills both bad guys. However, you can't help but wonder if he would have been better off with a revolver at that point. I don't know.

Matthew Laxson says:

It's super cool having your other associates help narrate. Nice to meet your team! Don't get me wrong, you're a natural narrator and host.

David R. T says:

"So I'm not saying there's a whole lot of good people in this one"
That's actually hilarious when it's said by MAGA Qanon nutjob seditionists.
Unknown if they have the trifecta of science denial as well.

Alonzo Witt says:

The ass end of the world!!!

loveforeignaccents says:

Is this chick the parrot or what?

DT NA says:

I keep telling people not to go south of the border, but they won't listen to me. I've had some problems in Mexico. One messed up place.

Zeta9966 says:

One thing that was left out is he shoots the attacker again after he’s down. About 40 seconds after this ends, he puts another shot into him, which was the one that immediately ended him

Rob Wooding says:

Love the show for years but don't like the change with guest hosts…don't see the point

K MC says:

i miss the solo breakdowns

Adriana Godoy says:

Patio temperature challenge juahh

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