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Mom Shoots At Aggressive Dog And Misses Horribly

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Mr. Ski says:

This is pathetic…1 that dog wasn't aggressive….. simple, if that dog was aggressive it would have gone straight for it's target. Second, the dog was in a alert state of mind…. it's in the tail posture. Lastly, the fat ass owner of the dog is a f🌀🌀king idiot. I personally hope he has a stroke quickly.

Zayuh Padilla says:

I don’t train as much as I need to!

parrish mellott says:

She is a moron!!! should be charged to the fullest extent of the law!!!!

Kelly R.Tourigny says:

American gun owners just LOOKING AND DREAMING of that day they get to kill something.

Charles P. says:

Man, that was a huge relief hearing the child made it. Thank god.

David R. Tarasenko says:

this is why I avoid fat white people..

Jeffrey B says:

What an idiot.

Bite Th3 Hand says:

Sometimes you cant recognize a dog attack. When i was 8 i was playing at a neighbors house at my grandpas, i was called home so i started walking off the property and i started running after i left it. My friends dog who was never aggressive to me immediately came after me, ended up dragging me 15ft by the shoulder before my grandpa shot it dead. Doberman mix of some kind

Sidney Bagidney says:

She mustve aimed gangsta sideways

Matthew Barba says:

That is not an aggressive dog… hes happy… lol… that lady is crazy she had that handgun in her hand already…she point blank shot the child…

Dave says:

Nobody did, so I'll say it the story I read was she was negligent with the gun that she wasn't legally supposed to have, and the dog was not attacking it was just overly friendly. She didn't try to aim, she just pointed in the direction of the dog and started popping off rounds and the dogs' owner was in her line of fire, but it didn't matter to her. She will most likely get away with this in the end, in my opinion she should have the book thrown at her for her stupidity.

Vieux Acadian says:

Pepper spray even perfume to the nose will shut Fido down on the spot .

Dave Glines says:

My dog would have come back to me! Double bad!!!!.

t3hbowl says:

Does OC spray really have a good rate of success on dogs? I've seen videos where they don't really care at all and keep charging or it instigates further aggression.

mas3737 says:

I had a negligent microwave accident and got charged w deadly conduct in Texas. My wrist has recovered.

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