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Perp Steals Girlfriends Car And Gets The Concrete Temperature Challenge

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American Patriot says:

Happy ending!

iverstaylot00 says:

My homie died at the corner of Cheese and Heath 💀

☠The Deaderer☠ says:

"Cheeves and Heath" sounds like a comedy buddy cop movie

Nathan Eastman says:

I knew it was going to be Houston!

Nonya biz says:

i felt so bad that she felt the need to duck down and hide from that monster.

NCLUSA says:

Let me see now, my life isn't going too well, my woman might be seeing someone else, I'll show her, I'll have a shootout with the cops. These types of humans are mental, retarded and are not very smart.

Cody King says:

Dont even care about these "Self Protection" idiot fatasses talking that wanna sit back and critique incidents, when they have never even been in a fistfight, much less a gunfight. More here for the body cam footage. Officer Salinas is a beast, for real.

OldSchool Jeremy says:

Bro in my day to "get down" had a whoooole different meaning.

Alexandria Ocasio-Smollett says:

Welcome to Bidenstan

wulfe man says:

houston treats them right

michael morris says:

Shoots a guy 6 times, nothing.
Says s.o.b. & worried about his language…

Reality TV says:

The best thing that woman did was call the cops! I think he would have killed her if she didn't. That guy sounded like a demon! He was high out of his mind! Whatever he was on wasn't good! That looks like a respectable neighborhood. Look at all the havoc that guy caused? I'm glad no cops were killed dealing with that fool!

A D says:

Another peace of shit sent straight to hell

Bri Ba says:

"You ain't gonna get me" …. Buddy, you got got 5 minutes ago.

Daniel English says:

Second cop was shot at. What did he do?
He ran 20 meters across open exposed yard to get cover at a better vantage point behind the edge of a house closer to the shooter. Then warned the shooter before returning fire.

That's a real cop!
A perfect combination of nerves of steel, situational awareness, and compassion.
He deserves a promotion.

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