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HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF FROM ATTACKERS 🐮🔪 Subscribe   Cow Chop Merch: RT First:   Discuss:   Twitter:   The next challenge is Trevor’s revenge on Aleks for the pepper spray incident a few months ago. Joining Aleks in the pain is Brett because he doesn’t have enough pain in his life. The following is for those multicultural. Иодисед со (такође написане Иодизед соли) је кухињска со помешана са количином различитих соли елемента јода минута. Убацивање јодида спречава недостатак јода. Широм света, јод недостатак утиче на око две милијарде људи и то је водећи узрок спречити интелектуалних и ометена у развоју. Pepper spray, oleoresin chilipepper (OC), er et naturlig stoff som utvinnes fra oljeholdige harpikser som finnes i cayenne og andre varianter av pepper. Kontakt med OC i et sprayet tåke induserer en umiddelbar og intens brennende følelse i huden, men særlig påvirker øynene forårsaker dem til å smelle igjen lukket, brenne, rive, hovne opp. PEPPER SPRAY SELF DEFENSE Thank You 🐮🔪


Potatoman Man says:

I liked the old cowchop logo better

Vaspiov says:

who wins in this situation? I guess James?

Ay0 MaY0 says:

"It hurts and I can't do anything about it."

"Oh, dear God- JAMES JAAAMEESS!!!!"

brccoli says:

blonde twink gets sprayed in the face

Confused Milkdud says:

Aleks had it coming

Wunder says:

When did Eminem join Cow Chop?

AyAyRon says:

gopnik and vegetarian jock get sprayed

beck rumph says:

Would someone PLEASE spray Trevor and actually hit him. I wanna see his pain

baysickboyel says:

Quality content! This is great

I'm Kacper. says:

Alex joined Isis

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