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“People Believe In Self Defense! Understand Police Are Minutes Away When They Need Something NOW!



50 Ducks In A Hot Tub says:

If guns were banned then the criminals wouldn’t use them to kill their
victims anymore

When in hell did criminals start following the law?

kicktroolinface says:

United States v. Miller, 307 U.S. 174 (1939), was a Supreme Court case that
involved the Second Amendment to the United States
Constitution. “The court is of the opinion that this
section is invalid in that it violates the Second Amendment to the
Constitution of the United States, U.S.C.A., providing, ‘A well regulated
Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the
people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.'” Judge Ragon
provided no further explanation of his
The U.S Government appealed the decision and on March 30, 1939, the U.S.
Supreme Court heard the case. Attorneys for the United States argued four
The NFA is intended as a revenue-collecting measure and therefore within
the authority of the Department of the Treasury.
The defendants transported the shotgun from Oklahoma to Arkansas, and
therefore used it in interstate commerce.
The Second Amendment protects only the ownership of military-type weapons
appropriate for use in an organized militia.
The “double barrel 12-gauge Stevens shotgun having a barrel less than 18
inches in length, bearing identification number 76230” was never used in
any militia organization.

cooperbry says:

The Constitution doesn’t appear to be of any consequence to the msnbc crowd
at all… Larry wins again !

Mike Knox says:

sandy hook sandy hook sandy hook

jimivaughan420 says:

Since when do real criminals go to gun shows to buy their guns? So someone
selling stolen guns out of the trunk of their vehicle must qualify as a
“gun show” these days. Riiiiiiiiight

TheHypnotstCollector says:

the actions of the US Government against the people show the necessity of
guns. There are a statistically significant number of psychopaths in police
departments, Albuquerque being an obvious example. Military intrusions like
after the Boston marathon and hurricane Katrina being 2 examples. Bundy
would be an example but it’s tainted by hidden agenda’s, Bundy’s racist
comment and Mormonism and its agendas. The BLM-Fed actions at Bundy’s are
wrong. And it was a secret government with in the government that did
WTC911. That needs to confronted. Our politicians are far to complacent
and passive. Why?

lonewolf972 says:

So why do we need guns in bars?

Sanguis Eques Legio says:

He said “rich white guys” it’s always white guys. Stop bringing white
people into your shitty argument you racist piece of shit.

MykTheOccultist says:

The NRA is awesome. At least they get results and follow the wishes of
their members. The liberal statistic about the majority of NRA members
support reasonable gun control is bogus. Most members are in favor of the
CURRENT background check system for PISTOLS ONLY.

professorbland says:

these statist commie assholes can suck it.

000deadcalm000 says:

The rights of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

If the American people allow themselves to be disarmed they are lost.

Tony Ball says:

Prevent gun violence by raising better men and women into society. Start
loving your children.

Aaron Gardner says:

The stats for “gun incidents” were way off. Notice they mention Newtown and
Sandy Hook, for the sleepers.

martthesling says:

Come and take it!

RemoteTimeTraveler says:

Larry is always on target and right.

James Basler says:

The cops only get there in time to draw a chalk-line around you,and write a

philais says:

Cops do only two things …….1. investigate 2. arrest

and…the reason that the mob haven’t taken to the streets to demand guns
to be turned in is that little piece of paper call the Constitution……. 

batfly says:

It’s a physics problem and requires a technological answer.

Police are WORTHLESS! 

Awakened citizen says:

lmao “um,well,uh,I don’t, umm,I think you mean 2nd amendment, umm” lol can
you say choke!! You just can’t argue against logical thought.

Billthesheepdog says:

MSNBC is a loser and the ratings always show that. Communist democrats who
want to be helpless and hapless and trust in the govt to take care of
them. Humbug!

Sanguis Eques Legio says:

Police are only minutes away sometimes. And sometimes they show up the next
day, or after their doughnut breaks, or when after they finish sexually
assaulting 16 year old girls.

James Basler says:

Larry Pratt whipped-em,again!!! :-)

Awakened citizen says:

The biggest misconception about the NRA is they are some evil entity all on
their own…..false!!! the NRA is me, the citizen, and their are millions
of us.

Awakened citizen says:

lol I find it hilarious that the more these douche bags push against logic
the more enemies they make haha Keep spending your millions Bloomberg
you’re bound to be broke and out of a job sooner or later.

Chantal Exposé says:

It would help if people were not so cowardly & admit that Sandy Hook was a
staged Govt. drill..!!

john galt says:

i dont live in a big city but it still takes 10 minutes for cops to come..
so if im getting robbed i should just ask the burglar to wait?

HoTrEtArDeDcHiX says:

Right, the NRA has “undermined our democracy”. LOL!!! Gun paranoid,
nanny-state loving, left-wing, Obamacare socialists are all for democracy.

kill the two-headed demon says:

How dumb was the guy on the left? LMAO 

Tea Time Vice says:

“rich white guys”
and your not?

oh wait, thats right, your an impoverished suffering jew aintcha

“those dam white men and their logic
START UP THE PRESSES, make mew movies about how bad they were in the
holohoax again, we’ll teach them through our control of the media, we’ll
have our day again, and if we dont, we’ll scream “ITS ANOTHER SHOAH!!!!””

Guy Fawkes says:

wow whos this host? I like him.

Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez says:

Pratt bitch slapped that Black cunt and Jew Cunt.

NewDaysOldWays1 says:

SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED !!! What part of that don’t they get?

Tzimnewman3 says:

In the UK it is illegal to own, import, export, buy and sell hand guns.
This has been the case since 1997.

Criminals are still getting hand guns and using them including those who
killed that soldier on the streets of London. The facts speak for
themselves really. If a criminal wants a gun he can get one even in a
country where no one has the right to have a gun both at home and on the

Same goes for Mexico which has a stronger ban then the UK. No one can have
any guns of any type. How safe is Mexico right now and how many people died
because of guns?

Laws are not effective against criminals because criminals tend not to obey
the law.

Punisher33100 says:

these ass faces can suck it.

bushhog63 says:

From my cold dead hands

Frank La Bollita says:

So lets see, Mr. Rosenthal it is blood money when it comes from supporters
of the Second Amendment, which is the law, but it is OK when it comes from
‘big Pharma’ which produces its highly addictive and deadly meds that are
killing Americans every day. The idea that Americans should be allowed to
own muskets, flintlocks or single shot rifles for defense is idiotic. When
there is a mugging or home invasion, it will probably be done by more than
one person and even if it is just one drugged out person, one shot may not
stop him. That is also why the banning of high capacity magazines is a
thoughtless idea pushed by those who real goal is the total disarmament of
the American public. Beyond self defense the Second Amendment is to enable
the people at large, the militia, to resist tyranny be it foreign or
domestic. This fact is always skipped over by people like Mr. Rosenthal who
pretend to support the Second Amendment. The FBI has stated that about 67%
of murders are by firearm and of that number about two thirds are suicides
and another portion is those killed while committing criminal acts.
Considering that suicide is usually the result of drug use or mental
illness, he would do everyone a great service by addressing mental health
and drug use which are the cause of these deaths. Guns are no more the
dangerous than the hammers, clubs, knives and other improvised weapons used
in the other murders.

Benjamin Freedman says:

Why does gun control always come from a person with a Jewish last name? 

1Littleagger says:

50 million from Bloomberg 🙁 ……. Just study this guy :{ ……

ryanceyful says:

I would be scared as hell to live in the U.S.right now if I couldn’t own a
gun.Its one gang or the other waiting to rob,murder,and destory.The worst
and largest gang wears badges.

jamesblack2399 says:

He stutter xD

jamie murmann says:

i have been to many gun shows and i have always had a background check when
buying a weapon so your argument is invalid, and the founding fathers gave
us the 2nd ammendment not for self defense or hunting but to take out our
own govt if it became tyrannical again which it clearly has become.

Youtuvespyonyou12 says:

“to control the Government”

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