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Orlando Officer Charged With Battery

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Jacob Mattioli says:

Other cop should’ve put one in the back of that ones head, completely unstable

Dak Rom says:

I think that guy flopped and he’s going to get paid for it lol

Jay Devine says:

Stressed out having to deal with another meth head who cannot stfu.

Martial Lee - Vegan Roundhouse Kicks says:

For anyone who wondered why there isn't a song called Fk the fire brigade.

Imagine the cop didn't have to film himself, what then?

John Woodworth says:

It's officers like this guy that gives the rest a bad name and crates problems for others.

64maxpower says:

I find this disturbing

brickcity99 says:

I sure hope his union didn't stand up for him. Should probably have his pension yanked as well. Criminals don't deserve rewards

Ryan herbert says:

all three of them should’ve lost their jobs

MrScottytoohottie says:

Bad cop. Im glad he got what he deserved. If you have police powers, and carry a gun, you gotta handle things alot better than that.

Patrick Henry says:

People wont remember the other good cops at this department now, they will just remember this piece of shit. The other cops who didnt step in are just as culpable imo.

vulcanus30 says:

Cops are just people.

covington race says:

Police in England are very very rarely held accountable, an internal investigation team do everything in private, public are not allowed into hearings and the police almost never get punished. They do not want the police getting soft, they need them to be arrogant and keep the public afraid of them so we all behave and pay taxes.

JET JET says:

That power hungry idiot doesn't need to be a cop!!!

banksdouble says:

Asking why is being stupid??? GTFOH

B. Manowar says:

If that officer was shot and killed , Id be one of many who would not flinch , no empathy , sympathy. whatsoever . I'm sorry for my honesty.

Tripple B says:

See this is the problem you say this cop committed a crime but when I 250-pound muscle bulging cop shoots a 98 Pound when wet woman with some scissors twice in the chest that's okay you have no value for life we are not to judge who lives and dies and we will have to answer for those real crimes



Ευκλειδης Παπαδοπουλος says:

Love it when bad cops get fucked

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