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Only Use The Force Necessary To Defend Yourself

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Active Self Protection says:

I expected to get a lot of pushback on this one, but the pillars of defensive use of deadly force are well-established. Please, everyone, go take a legal use of force class. This isn't a NY thing. It's this way all over the nation.

Keith Valence says:

100% DISAGREE WITH YOU… You always preach be mentally and spiritual sound, He has already assaulted him, grabbed him and assaulted him again…What is he supposed to do…wait for him to use deadly force?…NO, you only need to think that you are in fear of your life!! And for someone to comeback to the store assault you, reach in his back pocket…that right there is enough for me to belive his is about to use a gun on me. That right there gives me the p.c. to use the force I need too, to stay alive!

Henry Farthington says:

2.63 million subscribers as of july 11, 2022

Juan Gonzalez says:

Reading most of these comments here we are failing to see the point that was discussed in this video. Yes, the store clerk is a victim here and yes, he had a right to defend himself. But most are using their emotions of fear or anger to justify this situation. Unfortunately, the law isn't based on your emotions, very simple if you don't follow and act as the law is written you are wrong. That's why he got locked up…. view this video again "YOU CAN ONLY USE DEADLY PHYSICAL FORCE AGAINST DEADLY PHYSICAL FORCE." The bad guy wasn't using deadly physical force. That's how it is written by law like it or not.

Henry Farthington says:

If i was juror and he said he feared for his life id say this was justified because seeing him getting pushed and shoved in a small space by unknown , strong individual while doing my job i might think the same thing.

Greg Herrera says:

The clerk should not be charged the guy in the white shirt should be charged

Dav C says:

Morally the clerk was right, legally he wasn't. Like who knows what he would've done to the clerk, clerk didn't know if he was armed. It's a horribly situation, yet the girlfriend is to blame for this.
Just take your l and go home, if you had nothing left on the card it's not the clerks fault.

tvolz40 says:

Definetly a tough one, if i was a judge i would look at priors for the both of them and use that to make a decision

Pam Jacobs says:

The moment when this man stepped behind the desk and into that zone where no non employee is allowed, Mr. Albas heart rate increased dramatically. I believe he undoubtedly knew, his life was threatened in a way that making it back to his loved ones safely, had a very limited possibility. Also, the placement of that blade was unquestionably intentional, and in my mind premeditated either moments before this encounter, or maybe entertained throughout his years living in a city that has violence as a norm. Alba put this man out of the fight as fast as you can get, or damn close. Leaving a very small chance for him to take it away, and use it on him.
Overall, it's a shame to see a life lost over a bag of chips and an ego of a clerk that should of shown more sympathy and been cool about it, even seen the struggle of a mother attempting to feed a child and done something with more compassion towards the less fortunate. Dude should of stayed in front of that counter and used words like civilized people as it surely would've had a different outcome

xtrafranky says:

Get the hell out of Blue States like NYC! This is the clearest sign that the democrats will put you in prison for defending yourself against a violent criminal. Leave that shit hole city and never look back.

xMr_Sebax says:

an honest man working should not be bothered, this is self defence

Rick L. says:

I appreciate the lessons you're trying to teach us and how you are trying to keep us out of jail and I know that you are correct about how easy it is to go to jail but the problem I really have with current times in our society and all over the world is that when a human being gets aggressive with another human being you do not know how far the person is going to take it and they can take it really far really quick and by then it's too late. I think it's completely fair that if a human being attacks another human being that full on self-defense is justified and I really do not like how we live in a world where that gets punished. My motto is Don't put your hands on another person and there won't be any problem. But again I appreciate that you are trying to teach your audience that that is not the reality of the world we live in right now. Thanks for the content.

Joe D says:

Im surprised NY didnt just let him back out on the streets.

Must only do that for pedos.
I do feel this should have been a hot sauce case… knife was an escalation …. but dude shouldn't have been behind the counter. But can't just kill him.

Holy Cats says:

Morally justified for a few reasons.
1 – Behind the counter where he shouldn't be.
2 – Assaulted a much older person
3 – The near "legally" elderly person most likely couldn't win that fight
4 – There was no reasonable egress for the clerk.

Legally unjustified for all of the reasons listed in the video. John is right, this should go before a jury so all of the evidence can be shown and the jury makes the final judgement..

This is one of those tough ones and I think the charges will be lowered or he'll get convicted on lesser charges. I'm thinking he'll get manslaughter for this.

Ray Snapp says:

Hell yes the man just messed with the
wrong one and got what he asked for !!!

Jason Tubalado says:

I've watch this video about 20x and all I could make out of it is Justified. He's older than the Boyfriend and felt intimidation. Also the boyfriend keeps moving his hands behind which indicates he might get a weapon. The clerk has every right to defend himself….

I think we’re going to need a bigger gun says:

The controversy is the DA of new York (I think) has a soft spot for violent black felons. Luckily all of New York is standing behind the clerk. I think he was justified.

rmwtsou says:

This may not be justified if it was a schoolyard brawl among equals. But the aggressor was a young and strong 8-time convicted felon against a much older man. He was invading into the clerk's space and acting aggressively enough for him to fear for his life. Yes, it was 100% justified.

Natalie Longmeadow says:

Not a lawyer, but didn't the boyfriend commit the felony of kidnapping when he grabbed the clerk, pulled him out of his chair by force and violence, and started pushing him out of the clerk's station? New York Penal Code section 135.20.

Sean Butler says:

100% justified, if you don’t go looking for trouble, 9 times out of 10 you won’t find any.

Chris Cane says:

There are a lot of dead people who waited too long to use justified force. Sometimes you never see it coming. When being attacked better to get the upper hand.

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