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One Handed Triangle Choke for Self Defense by BJJ Para-Athlete Jess Munster

BJJ para-athlete Jess Munster demonstrates the Triangle Choke for Self Defense with one hand. Listen to my podcast with Jess at


Andrey Shee says:

Huge respect to her

Royer Patton says:

It's quite a way to use technique, never stop creating it looks really good.

Mason Fern says:

Thats a clean move!

Andy Dufresne says:

Who were the 4 turds that voted thumbs down?

Keep Moving says:

Great video!

Aaron Hojnacki says:

God bless you sweetheart. I think it's totally awesome that you're not letting that deter you from persuing BJJ

Mr. Reberdo says:

Thank you! Great video!!!!!🔥❤️🔥❤️

Poivre Francais says:

Brilliant. What clean, masterly application of self-defense basics a wonderful young woman. More Jess videos please.

David Tarantino says:

Well there goes all my excuses.

Joshua Arencibia says:

Amazing !! 🙂

NohJamie says:

I will share this video with my gym mates

Jelly Roll99 says:

She's awesome mad skills

Liron S says:

Nice! Would be great having more videos with Jess techniques 💪

Kaylene Flynn says:

Washington!! Represent! 🤙🏽

Life on the edge says:

Brilliant, love it. Keep going

Kelly Moriarty says:

Jess is gangster

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