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One Angry Inmate vs A Dozen Cook County Officers | Active Self Protection

In this video, one angry inmate decides to take on a dozen Cook County sheriff’s officers. They show us the use and limits of OC Spray (pepper spray) as well as how hard it is to restrain someone who really doesn’t want to be restrained!

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vi pp says:

How does it take more than 10 cos to take one prison guy that eats un energize food that makes you week wats going on

Melluns 07 says:

God DAMN they fucked him up after that little break lol. Dude took like 20 blows to the face in 5 seconds.

PokerPriest says:

That dude is a beast

Corky From life goes on says:

God, these cops should take some basic martial arts…. this is a joke

BigRuve 86 says:

Looks like fun

Nick Bil says:

When they started going to pound town I was quite satisfied

Nick Smith says:

2:09 + should have never happened. All those damn punches from every direction? Come on guys.

DontGiveADam Man says:

These cops are a bunch of Pussies cant take down on guy.

Richard's World Traveler says:

I can't fully agree with you on this one. With OC spray in your face you just cannot open your eyes or no matter how hard you try. Yes, it is pain, but I don't think OC spray is about the pain like you said. besides, the pain lasts a lot longer than just a few seconds. You can be mentally tough all you want, but once you get sprayed in the eyes your eyes just don't want to open.

Tesla Tesla says:

Hmm he needed a cold One… What a perverted Bastard… Why is he alive? Hmm at least taserd to room Temperature

Alexander E says:

That single leg take down was praise worthy

Steve Kopcial says:

Pulled the officer from under the prisoner, what a great maneuver, I would of never thought to do that, I learned something today…

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