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Best Gun/Caliber’s For Self Defense “19” Perfect Guns WeaponsEducation

The Best Gun For Self Defense? What Is Yours? Enjoy All The Firepower & Multiple Guns. For A Custom Shoulder Holster Click Here: http://armoryexpressoutlet.3…


Weapons Education says:

Best Guns For Self Defense ! Please Subscribe & Tell A Friend :)

MrBrandonannette says:

I carry 9x18mm which is biggers in size then 9mm Luger wight is about the
same as light wight 9mm 

roadglide says:

Excellent information Tom! 

johnnie52 says:

Opinions are like butts. Each of us has one and sometimes it
stinks…However, since you asked, here’s my take on self defense weapons.

Living in the city I have to keep penetration factors in mind at all times,
so my favorite carry weapon is a small 9mm. I own the new Ruger LC9s and
simply love it because of its light weight, 9+1 ammo load (using Ruger’s
optional 9 round mags), and striker fired trigger with manual safety. Ruger
got it right this time because the trigger pull is much shorter than its
older brother the LC9. It also is easily concealed with just jeans and a
“T” shirt here in the hot FL summers.

In the house I have a Weatherby PA459 12ga shotgun which I have loaded with
#4 buck. Again, I’m thinking of stopping power verses penetration. It also
has both a pistol grip and a shoulder stock which makes it very easy for me
to maneuver inside.

When I want to try my skills in competition, I have a Ruger 10/22 with a 4
power scope that is accurate at 100 yards. The ammo is cheap and the rifle
is a lot of fun to shoot.

SouthernMan says:

Wow, what an information packed video! Your enthusiasm is refreshing and
your gun collection makes me jealous.

Keeper Oath says:

Good job Tom. 

archuka1 says:

First — Thanks Tom for the video very educational and informative and also
thanks go out to the camera gal !! Second — Personal opinion here – i
listen to Tom and Hicok45’s videos because they are filled with good
information — yes there are other reviewers that are good also you do your
own homework !! Third — EDC (every day carry) depends on where i am going
what i am going to do and time of year — summer time is for smaller types
— .380 ( shot a Kar and put it down after the second shot that thing hurt
(i have XL hands which should have absorbed the recoil but nope it hurt and
didnt like the long trigger pull) i would highly recommed the sig sauer
P-238 evern my big hands fit it with stock grips and recoil is nice trigger
is really nice !!! or i just got the S&W 9mm shield and i really like that
– it conceals really well under a T-shirt — winter time is for bigger
harder to conceal type — my choice is the Kimber pro carry II stainless 4
inch yes its heavy but — or i will jump back to the shield pistol. Liking
the new line of kydex type holsters which switch between IWB OR OWB belt
Just say’n

srspower says:

Tom I am from England and hope to be visiting Florida next year when I take
my family to Disney world. Any chance of meeting up at a local range so you
can instruct me how to shoot a handgun for the first time? Could make a
good video and it would be great to meet you and Tammy and family :)

JG Harts says:

Nicely done Tom! I believe you covered enough bases to help anyone looking
for a self defense gun or thinking about getting another one. I really
liked your .308, very sweet looking Springfield you have there. Best of
luck to you & the family!! 

drmpilot365 says:

Very good video Tom! I’ve been a gun owner for a short time and I’ve
learned a lot from you. Keep up the good work.

Rockin' Ron says:

Thanks Tom for a great video! I have two M1A’s (one with a scope) both with
wood furniture (stocks and forearm). I also have a AR15, two S&W 500’s (4″
and 6.5″ barrel lengths); several 45 acp’s, a 45 Colt and several 357 and
44 magnums etc. as well as a FA 454 Casull Premium edition with a 10″
barrel fitted with a leupold scope.

superpug666 says:

loved the vid Tom 🙂 3 quick questions: 1. do you think theyre will be a
more powerfull handgun than the 500smith? (is it Wise?) 2. is the 6.8
special the same as the 6.8 grandel? 3. i know you dont have one but would
be aweosme in your collection and the stopping power of this riffle is
insale…thr .50 Beowulf…opinion on it? love your channel, a good day
to you, your wife , your kids and your dog ;)

saladfork8 says:

The best is the one you have, the next best is the one you are good with
and lastly the one you are saving for as it will serve you best. Then buy
some more because guns are awesome.

Tony Bloodworth says:

I love the videos Tom!

1digitalwatcher says:

That was great Tom that 6.8 sounds powerful liked hearing you talk, I like
the 30.06 round I had a few guns in that probably the 30.06 came in more
grains than the others for military and hunting.
(the lesser 308 is a little more accurate I hate hearing that since I like
my 30-06 round so much)

SuperJankus says:

Did you skip over .38 special again?

Delaware Patriots says:

For those using this video to try and help figure out what type of firearm
to buy keep this in mind. The most effective round will be the one that you
can accurately and safely put on target. You need to find a balance between
caliber or size and capacity. The bigger the round the less of them you gun
will hold, for the most part. 45 ACP has great stopping power but if you
can’t hit what you aiming at, it is no more affective than a 22lr. Try
multiple rounds and guns before investing in your first firearm and always
remember safety first. 

Eric Shumate says:

Really can’t go wrong w any of them. Just suit them to your specific needs

strix2035 says:

I have 9’s 40 and 45 but my sig p226 extreme model in 40 is my go to gun.
As for my wife she likes the lionheart lh9, as for a 45 I don’t care what
you use it for its awesome !!

paikmendez says:

Another epic vid!! 

Ryan S says:

I carry a Glock 23 in the Cooler months, and a M&P Shield9 in the warmer
weather because it disappears under shorts and a t-shirt. I love .40 S&W,
but the subcompacts beat you to death when you practice with them as much
as you really should to attain proficiency. This is why I went with the
9mm instead of the .40 S&W Shield. By the way, I’ve never had a single
failure of any kind with either gun after multiple hundreds of rounds
through each one. As far as ammo goes, be careful what ammo of any caliber
that you choose to run through a subcompact. Many hollow points don’t
perform as advertised through the 3 inch and smaller barrels. Do your
homework and make sure you are going to be loading your gun with something
that will stop an attacker and not fail to expand.

Apam Magyar Volt. says:

If you cant hit anything with a .45, get your girlfriend to shoot it for
you for christ sake.

thewhitewolf says:

This video kept me on my toes for 30 minutes, that is rare for a gun
channel. You are well spoken and it is clear that you care about your
audience. Anyone who is serious about guns or new to guns should watch this
completely. Everyone should thumb up Tom’s videos as he is one of a kind
and fighting for gun rights with the NRA.

grapeapevine says:

man i cant wait to see the delta

The30CalGunner says:

Great video Tom!

armedrebellion47 says:

You forgot about the 41 magnum, 460 an my favorite the 480 ruger.

Rob HVAC says:

I like .45 and 9mm for my hand guns. 

TacticalMuffinTop says:

I only have two firearms in the house until I can afford more. I have a
Glock 17 with Critical Defense ammo and a 12 gauge Mossberg 500 loaded with
Estate 00 Buckshot.

Dave Zodiac says:

Another good and fun and informative video, Tom. I really like the rifle
you have with the skulls on it, btw. :)

Ivy Summers says:

Thanks Tom very informative video. for me my choice of gun is S&W
Bodyguard .380, i know its small but i still would not want to be shot with
one. so i figure no one else would

James Hudy says:

I hear this stuff all the time… Shooting once because I have a 45. Over 9
mm . I’ve been in a gun fight and lived. After that experience I will tell
you all, you will feel like you can never have enough ammo. You will carry
more mags, or a second or even 3rd gun. And when you are that stressed
shooting once, ya right. Get over your self. Train don’t talk. I carry a 9
, because it has more ammo. Nothing around with other calibers. But talk
your ego out of your gun if you want to survive when tshtf….

Negativequity says:

Handguns in general regardless of caliber have been proven to have poor
stopping power overall when compared to long guns. Home defense no question
I think you go long gun if you can.


Excellent video Tom. Thanks for sharing. I agree with a few others, the
best gun is the one you have with you. Also the best gun and caliber should
be the largest caliber you are comfortable shooting accurately. My winter
carry is a HK 45 or my Walther PPQ M1 9mm. Summer time carry is my M&P
Shield in 9mm.

acklan3 says:

The best weapon is the one you are most comfortable with and practice with
on a regular basis. If you have a .45ACP and are scared to shoot it what
good is it really? On the other hand if you have a .38spl and enjoy
shooting it and regularly take it out to shoot would be a better choice.
You have a Glock 19 that you are less accurate with that an Ruger .357 that
you can shoot well. I would say rely on the Ruger.
A Marlin model 60 loaded with CCI mini-Mags would make a good choice for
someone who is recoil sensitive, rather than a 12ga that you are scare to
For me a Ruger P-90, 45ACP with ball ammo. on my person. In house an 870
with 00 buck. Long gun in my truck is a Marlin 357, 158 SJHP. Not saying I
have the answers it just works for me. This setup is how I have been
carrying since the 1980s. I really never saw a reason to change.

Shinzu says:

Favorite Handgun Caliber overall – 9mm. Enough power to get the job done,
moderate recoil for better control. Affordable enough to consistently train
with, has some great defensive rounds on market, you always know that in
any scenario you will always have that caliber in high availability. Also
allows for higher capacity due to its reasonable size.

MrSottobanco says:

Use a knife instead. Keep it personal.

rcruz003 says:

Good video sir.
I especially agree regarding the shotgun pistol grip debate.

Asaf Farfar says:

Very nice Tom….. All I have now in hand guns are 9mm’s. A Shield and
Glock 19 gen4. But even though didnt like the 40mm I am thinking of a 40mm
full size hand gun for home defense or a 45. Likely a H&K or an FNS? shall

BATJAC J.W says:

I am looking into a 40 cal myself thanks for this video Tom very well done.


1911 trigger too light for defense. Good for range pistol.

L228 says:

Sig Sauer M11-A1, 15+1, night sight for EDC.

David Probus says:

Another awesome video, Tom!

joed596 says:

Thank you, Tom! Your videos are always very thought-provoking and
informative 🙂

I always say that the very *best* SD weapon and round is the *largest*
caliber that you can handle comfortably *without* over-penetration issues.
For most people using a handgun, then, I think this would be a .32, a .38,
a .380, or a 9mm . . .

But again, I always say that “a *hit* with a .22 is better than a *miss*
with a .44 Magnum” !

Thank you again for keeping these issues up front for us, and wishing you
and Tammy continued success in all your endeavors, Jersey Joe :-)

20502chris says:

.40 s&w m&p40c to carry, 2011 for bedside, and 5.56(colt) .300blkout for
whatever like home defense and an 870 with extended tube w/ OOO buck(ouch) 

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