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Oklahoma Bond Agent Uses Questionable Force | Active Self Protection

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Dillon Allen says:

yes she will

B MillHouse says:

How the hell have criminal charges or complains been adjudicated on this? She straight killed the dude over $3500? I see murder this is crazy. What’s bullshit is she obviously lied about him going for the gun and also the prosecutor went for murder one and should lose their jobs. This is not murder one and a first month law student could figure that out. This is manslaughter and quite possibly murder 2.

Hans Guymon says:

he tried going for my gun , that he didnt know about , that was in my desk but …as he was leaning out the window he tried to attack me so being in fear for my life i shot him in the back and let him fall 3 stories to his death

ChitownPlr says:

Sounds to me that the prosecutor may have purposely over charged so she could walk. That's a trick they use for police when they put them on trial.

Kenny Avila says:


james donaldson says:

So……she killed him???

David Foley says:

Do bond agents in the US have legal powers of arrest? Does she have a legal right to handcuff citizens? I honestly don't know. If she does, she shouldn't.

P fields says:

White on white violence

Khadesh Singh says:

for fk sake, if you see it in slow mo when she was going for the gun, she was'nt even touched by the guy, didn't even have to get into a scuffle to aim the gun. he was a defenseless shooting target. poor guy didn't even touch her, he was trying to get away. and she just shot him, shot him in cold blood, because he wasn't listening to what she was saying. i guess that's what goes for self defense because she was acquitted. hope she does'nt gun down her son one day for not complying with being grounded.

lorna valentin says:

I don’t understand why she shot him. He was unarmed. She got annoyed because she could put the cuffs on him.

Jason Douglas says:

Questionable force? I call that murder

brycejcox says:

Her sons reaction says it all, WTF!?!?

USERNAME HERE_______ says:

Did she have the power to detain him? He was a big guy but didn't present himself as an immediate danger. She should be in jail for manslaughter.

Pro1er says:

"Carey doesn't intend to continue being a bondsman, her attorney said. She plans to pursue a career in photography."

Headlines: Woman on trial for murder, claims she was told to "shoot" a client.

Elia kim says:

Agree, she should have called the police to come pick him up. She needs to go to jail for a long time. Lack of procedure and experience. In my short experience in bail bonds I learned that if the person is bigger or stronger than you call the police and stall.

Reggie Hammons says:

Once criminal adjudicated the case is over and a bondsman cannot arrest anyone for money. She is going to prison.

ultrapurple111 says:

Even the son knew she did the wrong thing. Completely unjustified.

The Steel Hunter says:

Hells yeah dawggg….
Kicking doors tonight and I got hirrary crinton jr in the stack right behind me…..we're golden. Girl power.

The Steel Hunter says:

Notice how she flinched like the noobish power cunny. Niiiiice.

The Steel Hunter says:

GD….another lady who proves my theory of women with power and guns is a terrible idea.
Yeah….I said it.
Warrior blood.

Horzzo says:

No way. She messed up big time and should be held accountable.

The RA Man says:

I hope she does get crucified that guy didn't need to die and that poor fucking kid didn't need to see that

John Grahl says:

I agree with the jury that this was not first-degree murder. First-degree murder requires premeditation or that the death is the result of an extremely dangerous felony such as Burglary, Arson, Rape, Robbery, or Kidnapping. There was no evidence of premeditation, and the bondsman was not committing a felony that was a lesser-included crime of murder. However, this seems to be second-degree murder at the most. The prosecutor should have charged her with second-degree murder, or manslaughter, but not first-degree murder.

Jedi Luke says:

send her to fucking jail!! Why does she shoot a guy for leaving? Her life was never in danger.

Sons of Liberty says:

She took advantage of the blindspot in her footage and came up with an excuse to shoot… Shame on her.

Michele0403 says:

the guy died, but you said something about him falling out the window ??? Her son is gonna have issues…. better get him into therapy immediately ……

Michele0403 says:

I agree with you……she is going down for shooting that guy…… unless, he had a gun himself and was threatening HER with it, didn't seem like that shooting was justified….

Doug Cruz says:

Oh John, She should have call the Sheriff before trying to hold someone or get real help and now she will lose more money that she was trying to saved, made a stupid decision. I feel sad for her son.

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