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Ohio Officer Shows Extreme Restraint

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hunteranubis says:

He said shoot me I dont see reason why not save some tax money since hes ok with it
Also second cop was great

asap bruhhh says:

That woman should not be a cop.

Lucky Lefty says:

Step out of the car, no care in the world, pull taser out, aim, shoot and we are on to the next 🤣

TJ Jones says:

When I saw this right as it was made public I remember thinking back to the 21 ft rule and even though he was unarmed as far as we could see she let him get pretty close.
Glad is is getting mental help services and that no one was hurt.
Props to that back up who handled it like a pro.

James Wheat says:

That 2nd cop was a boss

GMAN says:

Was it just me that thought that copper with the taser was ultra cool and just wasn't having any sh#t.

Ricardo Valles says:

Damn that guy made it look easy compared to her

KimballCody says:

The most chill tazar deployment of the year goes to Officer Tolbert

George Custer says:

Black Officer was a pro, completely chill at 3:00 when he handles homie quickly, without a lot of fuss and b.s.–after tasing his man, he just walks up and flips him over…Too many officers seemingly want to avoid just grabbing someone and hooking them up…

Troy Addict says:

She is really nice my guy chill bro 🤦🏾‍♂️

Lmao I also like how that second cop came up out the car and just tased his ass why couldn’t she just do that

winomaster says:

What a pathetic performance by the woman cop. The perp is laying on his back and she is screaming for him to roll on to his back. And she can't even bring herself to taze the guy. She should be a meter maid.

MySide OnU says:

I thought for sure you would mention how she dropped everything in her hands. 1:52 Good on her.

John Blackmouth says:

Notice the body language change when the male cop showed up.

indianseibel123 says:

My hat is off to you officer .

AlTiTudeGaming says:

2:45 am I the only one who hears Kevin hart

Jake_MF_Lowe says:

Second cop was a straight gangster

Art Marquez says:

I love how the back up walked up all none shillant N Zap!

William Doescher says:

Ive never heard an officer say "on your back," I wonder why she wanted him on his back rather than his belly.

Mike Scheurer says:

News headline: black cop with ties to the KKK tased innocent unarmed black child.

Ares says:

Why didnt the first officer use less lethal? Could've ended the situation sooner

MJA says:

It gives us things to think about, especially dominant hand use. Compelling.

Mike Davis says:

I love when the real one just showed up🤣

jle20chapin says:

This video piss me off! Female officer took too long and hesitated. And her partner gets out so lazy like 😵.

MJA says:

I think she did a very good job.

Isshy Lewis says:

She's better than 95% of the male police officers.
A male cop would have killed him.

James Warren says:

"Casually strolls out of the cruiser and tases perp"

The American Dream Legba says:

Lucky that black cop showed up

official Gator says:

😂😂😂 wtf did just watch

c ::: says:

when he fell after trying to run away, did he say “i didnt do nothing”

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