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Officer Saved By Off Duty

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Ryszard Bargiel says:

The criminals behavior here was too obvious. Officer should have seen it coming, was too slack about it. Especially considering it was involving someone that just assaulted another.

Dallas says:

Why did they shoot him?

Ben Stankiewicz says:

Location a bridge, suspect trapped, and suspect 6 ft 5. Next time call for back up. No where to go,,except 75 feet down..policeman could have waited ,and not got beat up.

Dean Woods says:

One less piece of shit off the streets, and in hell.

Kaine Bird says:

25 foot rule should of been considered

toby ladd says:

too bad for perp , NOT

time frame says:

If I was the officer I would have told the suspect to kneel down on the other side of the railing. Then I would have cuffed him. Then bring him over. Use the railing as a buffer to contain him. Because the perps body language was all wrong from when he was walking over. And he was a big guy. So you would have to be way more cautious.

David Taylor says:

Shocked black lives matter isn't protesting the death. Jerome didnt do nothing wrong😂 white cop profiling 😂

Jim Campbell says:

say what you want and stay in denial but this is why multiculturalism/diversity doesn't mix. don't bother leaving a comment.

Simulated-Reality says:

That asphalt is cold.

africanindiaspo says:

Off duty heavy duty will kick your booty…

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