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Off Duty Officer Stops Robbery At Convenient Store

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Baileyo3o says:

Protec ur asp 🍑

Arrgox says:

Good job, but was hoping that first shot would have done some more damage to this lowlife.

msellem abrahaman says:

Watching you from tanzania..

Jiffer says:

John I don’t have the funds to support you right at this moment.

Jan M says:

Excellent! All armed robbers should take the room temperature challenge.

MyMusic Account1 says:

Funny that John always touts good holsters, but "crappy holster co" buys add time before each video (the one you need to pull up with your other hand in order to get your gun, and then i think you have to take your pants off to get it back into the holster)

Unmasking Fools says:

Love your videos always watching them

Timmy Corini says:

am i in the truman show? how are there 400 comments on this video and none demanding a statement from john about the US riots? is everyone an AI created bot? or are you all that stupid and asleep???

Team 420 Inc says:

I like how John has started to sponsor blunts

Mike Jamrozek says:

Plenty of Active Self Protection lessons to be learned by watching the news today!

Timmy Corini says:

duuude its been 5 days and you havent said a word about the US collapsing with riots…. youre a self defense channel with almost 2M subs!! fucking shameful, you guys are such a dissapointment

Frank G. says:

I wonder if he aimed the robber's legs on purpose to avoid hitting the clerk

Janic the GOAT needs 50 subs says:

This vid surprised me, looking on the title, o could bet my life that this was Brazil

Andrew Dalzell says:

Oh!!! His knee was on his back!!!!!!. RIOT in CHINA!!!!!! AHHH CHAOS!!!!!. Brutality!!!!!!!!!

Michael Knight says:

Officer Let's Go: "Chanclas?!?! We dont need no stinkin Chanclas!!!"

Roger Sealy says:

He should be in a wheelchair cripple from the neck down 4 the rest of his life

Jimmy Mac says:

I was hoping for a pistol whip to the back of the head. Maybe next time.😕

Tony Tyler says:

The guys a Cop and did what he was trained, keep your gun out until back up arrives he don't know if the other suspect would run in shooting, and I got a feeling had he put his gun up and that happened you'll be saying he shoulda keep it out.. lol kool channel but it's much easier to be a couch quarterback after watching the replay!

Alysia says:

We see what kind of cop he is.

Kind Heart says:

Off-duty cops should ALWAYS carry their cuffs for cases like this. Also pressing his firearm into the back of the perps neck is highly unadvisable in todays current environment, as well as, a good way to push your slide out of battery and leave you with just a polymer hammer.

Vic dadik says:

Well he wasn't slipping all over the place barefoot and second he didn't have his finger on the trigger when he was pointing to outside when the employees where there.

Matthew Farmer says:

The guy used his gun to point but I saw his finger off the trigger that was good not saying that's right to point his gun and to put his gun on the ice cream case was also dumb

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