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Off Duty Forced to Go Hands-On with Robber | Active Self Protection

Please thank Lucky Gunner for bringing us today’s video of an off duty forced to go hands-on with a robber! Check them out at ; their FB page has good information and their YT channel has a lot of highly useful videos:

This off duty Brazilian LEO was forced to go hands-on with a robber who would not have let him survive if he found his concealed pistol. Empty-handed skills are critical!

If you want to train and get better at real life self-defense, join us on the ASP Extra channel to learn how to respond to situations like this off duty forced to go hands-on with a robber!


Longest raw video:

Raw with most info:

News story (Google Translate from Portuguese required):

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Michael Locklear says:

Good video the bad guy looks like he was a fit & bigger dude than the officer if was a up hill battle for sure.

Macdeep says:

Sao Paulo must a crime capital for entire globe

David Rodriguez says:

There's another video of the good guy kicking the bad guy on the ground

John Rivera says:

it's just easy to talk on how or what to do, but in actual situation I understand why that officer don't realize that it has no bullet.

john xash says:

Love the new poles and what your doing. Keep up the good work

Tink Ertime says:

IMO the officer did not know perps weapon was inoperable, plus the loss of focus from getting hit in the face added to the officers inability to see.

JDHERE says:

subscribers: say the line Jhon
Jhon: 🙁 Brazil
Subscribers: yehhhhhh

T Rex says:

This cop did a great job. He was ambushed by what appeared to be a larger suspect. Even if the shorter man uses his "leveraging arm" in this situation, the man with the longer reach will still be able strike with the pistol in his hand. The cop just had to fight through it and overcame the odds to win the fight.

Interesting thing happened at the end of the video as the cop chased the perp. He reaches under the slide of his gun as he runs off camera. I'm wondering if he was chambering a round knowing he carries an empty chamber, or maybe he was just doing a function check , or just has a weird habit.

panjualede says:

There is a second video outside the store, the thieve got shot and teach a lesson

Dean Greenhough says:

I would have pushed him into the bikes. Straight over the top, distance and time to draw my weapon

Dean Greenhough says:

Brave Man, very Brave Man, I tip my head in respect ✊

D is for Delta says:

There is a follow up clip, the off duty cop shot the man 2 times in the back as he fled. Looks like from the second clip he hit spine because the guy is bleeding out and struggling to move.

Tiger Claw says:

To me — If this guy had a gun in his hand it's free game I would shoot him. The guy was lucky he wasn't shot.

Robert Evras says:

If that gun had not been dropped and miraculously had all the ammo fall out, he would have been dead. He had a fair opportunity to draw….it is great that it ended without a death.

charles evarist says:

He had the chance to withdraw his gun and use it effectively

scubawithatuba says:

All he had to do was lock the bad guy's straight arm and break it. Or leg sweep the bastard…

nathoi says:

always draw and shoot when in danger.

earthatom7 says:

1:34 that look on his face is priceless LOL about to take out the trash…

M Lee says:

There is actually a quick easy wy to get out of the grip the guy had him in. I'm a bit surprised the cop didn't do it. Could have broke his arm if he knew. Great job though.

Jim Clark says:

Looks like the officer lost his emotional control and it damaged his training, which is supposed to be reflexive. Stepping back, drawing, and shooting should have been a reflexive action.

Monday morning quarter backing is really easy though.

He did a lot of good. Starting the fight at the right time and dominating that firearm was excellent, though some of it was luck. The tenacity was excellent as well.

Texflix says:

Dang! That was painful to watch.

Matthew Rosen says:

Tough ass Cop!

Smurphenstein says:

Was that you on scene at 1:48 John? 🙂

smokeydawg says:

Wait… weren't the butt strokes at the beginning of the video?

Augustus Gloop says:

Ummmm what would some average guy do in that situation? He'd shit his pants and give home his money.

Augustus Gloop says:

What a badass cop.

Jeremiah Sage says:

If I knew the gun was empty like he probably did I would have tried to work a bike between me and him and drawn.

Andy Prariedog says:

Dang!!!! Brazilian motorcycle owners truly are tough as nails……tip: NEVER try to fight motorcycles owners in Brazil.

Lucy Sky says:

Gay porn brought me here

M Jones says:

Brazil needs a 2nd amendment.

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