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Ninjutsu Self Defense – Everyday Concepts – Free Ninjutsu Instruction Videos

Ninjutsu (Bujinkan) BLACKBELT VIDEO COURSE: “Basics of Ninja Training” from (Instant Download, DVD or Blu-ray.) Ninja Self De…


Bryce Carmichael says:

hey to MC Shvabo learn to spell

FallenAngel777able says:


Leandro Matias says:
sewergems says:

Hey nice going. Do you think perhaps you could give us a few things that we
could practice, so as to perfect our technique??

Mahakala306 says:

Working taijitsu against a live non-compliant opponent also teaches you
what happens after your opponent slips your punch, and returns a volley of
non telegraphed punches to your jaw.

9shadowstyle says:

aweesome idea!

cassio ferrari says:

tem versao em portugues?

MCShvabo says:

well real fight is difriend from training, on training you leran basics and
methods and leater as you mone on you will train ninjutsu total
combat(somethink similar to sparing)

kissrdbc says:

so more stun attack to set off attacke blances nice

Flute Ninja says:

This was very informative. Domo Arigatou

MidnightDojo says:

good explanation of taijutsu. hurry and post the other 3 videos please.

MangaxOtakuxAnimexMureke says:

Thanks! 🙂

ShinobiMystic says:

This is great, thank you for posting this your Dojo looks fantastic.

ninjamerlin says:

awesome video mate its good to see a quality instructor in the states ,
welldone, keep going. Ive trained with many 15th dans (including japan
taining)and they say the same things that are presented here. If you live
anywhere in the states this dojo would be a great place to train. Keep up
the good work fellas …….

JGWF says:

Thanks ! It really help. !


great video. nice concepts and explanations. 5 stars

Ninjutsu Bujinkan says:

o curso é em inglês, mas você pode traduzir nosso Web site para Português,
se você clicar nas bandeiras em cada página

Dragonich777 says:

You are a great teacher! I look forward to seeing all of your other
videos!! 5/5

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