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New Jersey Robbers Not The Brightest

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Pete says:

Attacking elderly people is one of the most pathetic things you can do. These guys are unbelievable. Wait let me guess the bad guys are all mentally ill? Just waiting for that excuse to roll in

Jake Dee says:

I like the idea of the empty safe, store owners could have one around to hand over to robbers. You could probably only try that trick once.

Erik Novak says:

2 old guys, I think they need a gun

Jim Beam says:

Didn’t these morons watch Barbershop?

Sven Figueroa says:

Bunch of guys.

What more do you need?

Bruce Banner says:

Yutes? Nah they're fine young men.

Gonja Sensai says:

Why chase a empty safe?

Scott belford says:

Two youts!!

afn29129 David says:

That safe looked like a cheap-o-trash Century brand safe. Easily opened (Cut in half) with a power-saw in about 2 minutes.

Exigent Incursion says:

If they get mad because of no key and don't believe that the owner doesn't have it = trouble

afn29129 David says:

I really feel sorry for defenseless store owners in the NJ Victim-zone.

beaner squad says:

There still looking for me

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