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Naked Aggression & Self-Defense: Waffle House Killer On The Loose

What can we learn from the hero who stopped the naked killer who killed 4 people and from the CDC study on defensive gun use that has been hidden for 20 years. Follow David Knight On Twitter: Follow Real News On Twitter: Like Real News On Facebook: Watch At:


Karen Vermeer says:

Coincidentally, Waffle House is one of the companies who got the eggs that were recalled for salmonella contamination. Isn’t that interesting.

john smith says:

Can someone plz tell me why the center for disease did a study on guns? I can believe it, but why the CDC?

lisa tsuda says:

Great job Mr Shaw Jr.
I hope your hand heals fast.

r k says:

we need a federal tweezer and fingernail clipper ban and a national registry for pet rocks. conceal and carry pet rock permit.

r k says:

suspect may be armed and legged

James Smith says:

đŸŽ¶Drivin' down the road, lookin' for a Waffle House, drinkin' lots of Wild Turkey…đŸŽ¶

the666bud says:

sweden sounds like baltimore so many shooting no one calls or reports

Bro Spartacus says:

Waffle House shooting is yet another fake event. Stop believing the (((MSM))), suckers.

Jerry Brown says:

Way to go James!

ShortbusMooner says:

He's been taken into custody- just saw..

Norman Harcourt says:

only 2 genders very true .

Michael KrĂŒger says:

real heroes don"t want you to call them hero – politicizing this is the same the libs do

CONSITUTIONAL Conservative says:

you mean its still not 1970 again?

Pamela B says:

How do you keep an idiot in suspense?

John Lloyd Scharf says:

Laws cannot even protect Trump himself. His 4th Amendment rights were violated when that law office was invaded by Mueller. We need our arms to protect us from a tyranny of Deep State bureaucracy refusing to do their job. "Dad" should have been told if he armed this killer, he would go to prison for murder, not given back those arms. Rock,Paper, Scissors, GUN. Paper and rocks do not stop a gun. Scissors do not cut crime. Guns and prisons cut crime. We had an increase of both in the last two decades. They cut down on robbery, rape, assault and murder. That is the statistical fact.

Carl Pat Riot says:

Don't forget this Saturday is national Two GENDER DAY..

Robert Schock says:

Since the man has put his clothing back on the police are now unable to identify him.

Don Sears says:

well 1st what did he eat at the waffle house 2nd did the Waffle house post a no naked Gunman zone sign …sue the waffle House ….i should be a Ma legislator with Thinking that way

Robert Schock says:

Trans people pay a lot of money for those two genders because they recognize that there are only two. Perhaps Twitter, Youtube, and facebook, should take their grievances up with them?

Jolly Roger says:

This Waffle House shooter is another Jew, When are we going to learn these people are hunting us like game?
Travis Reinking Jew, Dylan Klebold Jew, Eric Harris Jew, Chris Morris Jew, Kip Kinkel Jew, Jeffrey Weise Jew, Andrew Golden Jew, Robert SteinhÀuser Jew, Marcus Lepine Jew, Benjamin Smith Jew, Nikolas Cruz Jew, all school Shooters!!! The YouTube Shooter Nasim Aghdam Iranian Jew.

Here is some of the Police report about Eric Harris's website.
" Harris, who raved on the Internet about wanting to "rip the arms off" racists, and Neo Nazis, persecution of Jews " Harris's diary said his mother is Jewish"
Their plan included using bombs, followed by an escape to Israel!

Trench Coat Mafia.
Klebold's background
17-year-old Dylan Klebold's mother, Susan Yassenoff, was synagogue-going and shul-trained. She attended Temple Israel. Her father, Leo Yassenoff, was a wealthy commercial real-estate developer in Columbus, Ohio, and a prominent figure in the Jewish community, and active at the Temple Israel.

Eric Harris's background
Eric Harris was from New York – he transferred two yrs before the
massacre, to Colorado. He was under the influence of Luvox, an
anti-depressant prescribed to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder. His
friend Seth Tenebaum, who was then a 17 year old senior at Mayo High
School in Rochester, Minn. and Sapel Berg, an 18-year-old senior in
Plattsburgh, each knew Harris when his family lived in New York.

Harris was dating a Jewish girl, Sarah Davis – she said "Eric was angry
when his family moved from New York to Colorado" … Harris Jewish
background. Harris Ran A Pro-Jewish Website

Oregon, Faith Kinkel (nee Zuranski)
Faith was a 2nd generation Jewess from Poland. Her heritage is from around the Suwalki Gubernia / Bialystok Province. Father is a German Jew
Bill Kinkel is a second generation American.

The Erfurt Massacre ..
In Germany, a 19 yr old Jewish young man, Robert SteinhÀuser, shot thirteen teachers, two kids, and a cop.

Benjamin Smith – Shot 11 people
Benjamin Nathan Smith (Jewish), grew up in the exclusive Jewish neighborhood of Wilmette, and went to the Jewish New Trier high school.
He went on a three day drug-induced shooting spree, and culminated it by fatally shooting himself.

Times of Israel Reports that Cruz's mother was a Jewish woman. By TOI STAFF and AGENCIES 17 February 2018, 6:37 pm.

Roy Weatherby says:

Give them hell David Knight

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