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Multiple Robberies Teach Us Strategies To Overcome

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125AXer says:

When BatMaster dropped his tool, it would have been a great time for an OC spray. Or a rising field-goal kick to the face.

5T3VO says:

No white people i noticed

Charlie P says:

Hmm…I think I disagree on shooting the first robber in the back or shooting him when he's bent over with his bat on the ground if you can get out of the danger zone. I totally agree it's okay to draw on him and make demands on him or just run and get out of there if you're physically able to. If you're a young healthy person the family is going to say that you can run out of there away from the bag and be okay unless he starts to chase you. If you're frail and can't get out of the danger zone then I think you can make an argument for shooting him with his back turned it when the bat is down. Just my two cents

masterlee13 says:

At this point I'm surprised more criminals don't go around robbing all the fast food places around everyday twice a day. Easy target and no armed patrons.

Christine Buckingham says:

Was anyone else yelling at the people in the second video to just leave? I mean really, you have already walked away from this guy, why not just head out the back? Why come back and open the till for him? He's not even pointing the gun at them.

Simon VanDyk says:

On the second video the perp ends up putting the gun into his left pocket when she opens the register. There is no way he can deliver the weapon in any reasonable time at that point especially while his eyes are on the cash.

Alex Ferguson says:

And hes outa there

Baby Fishmouth says:

I'd bet my life that 99% of people who subscribe to this channel WANT trouble because they're tough-guys who just want to shoot someone.

Spontaneous says:

Those who may watch this and say “just comply”
Think about the Dunkin Donuts manager, complied and was shot in the head anyway

vanderley3 says:

I carry, but no way I'm counter ambushing no one risking my life if I'm flipping burgers making $15hr

Circle S Scrapper says:


Matthew Bradish says:

I would’ve made them both take the room temperature challenge no doubt

kristian vitanyi says:

The second guy was nice….. For a robber. I've been robbed a few times working at a gas station and I would even ask them to put the gun away. It's like I get the point now put it away.

David B says:

"The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty." – GOD

David B says:

Step out the back Jack!

Syfy says:

Don't Thank the robbers for the crimes they commit
We Should Thank them for there Stupidity 😂😂😂😂😂

A B says:

Houston Texas ? You mean Brazil, USA?

ღSwnsasyღ _ says:

Oh yea, I'm definitely subbing.. What is the other site that this channel has? I'm a new gun owner, husband and son made me for my protection but I'm still a bit scared of it. I think it's because I'm not comfortable enough just yet..

B K says:

Knew it was houston. So many shootings and robberies courtesy of Turner Hildalgo

Kelvin Kusienya says:

It's time we go cashless and adopt money transfer platforms. M-pesa is working pretty well in my country. Robbers target cash as I've seen in many of these ASP videos. Watching from Kenya

Ronin Trainee says:

I feel like John has a time machine, that only looks into the future of America.

Roman Tarango says:

I carried a pistol every day when I worked at a fast food restaurant.

Doc Holliday says:

It’s incredible that this channel only posts in 720 but the quality of the picture is so darn crisp.

Josh Se says:

3:05 peanut butter jelly 🥜butter jelly pbj pbj

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