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Multiple Home Invaders Stopped By Armed Defender

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Laast Firstt says:

Real ballsy

brandon ralph says:

CAPTAIN PRICE in real life. True meaning of "you got a lite"

Dirt Diggler Metal Detecting says:

I take better care of my firearm then my Car. LOL

Critical Inception says:

He won the fight but probably lost his hearing


I wonder what the response time is in Zimbabwe 🤔

Happy Turtle says:

you always wonder where the hell are the yakuza mafia we always see in movies ? there you go

Sean Winkfield says:

there's a problem with chinese men going to African countries to make scam businesses. I doubt he was doing anything legal….

Matt says:

This guy is probably like some triad member or some shit, dude was not fazed at all, though what a triad member is doing in Zimbabwe is beyond me LOL.

ETHD says:

When you forgot to reload

Norman Hall says:

strong man's house

Patrick Turner says:

What a G. Never lost his cig

John Koepke says:

You know it's a rough area when you are carrying your gun on your hip while inside your own house.

Joe Correro says:

That was more than a cig he was smoking

MTNation says:

The whole time he still has the cigarette in his mouth. What a ducking beast

Tanner Stallings says:

Guy casually still smoking 😂

Ed Gonzales says:

Like how he executed one or make sure he's dead

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