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Motorcycle Thief Gets An Educational Beatdown

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1999yanks says:

More than justice, it’s the community sending a message

HausMaster says:

I’ll be honest sometimes the public issuing justice sticks with the criminal more than dealing with the system

worldsmosthated2006 says:

Street crime in Brazil is some next level shit. Predators deserve what they get.

The Sea Org. says:

100% these guys made the right move. Any man who calls himself a man would of done nothing differently. Maybe just beat him more these guys dished out the perfect amount of justice

Vmaxpilot04 says:

They didn't beat him enough!!!!!

NBA Ez says:

This is what you censor and flag? Jesus Fucking Christ YouTube

NBA Ez says:

YouTube stop trying to hide this content from me you soft fucking elitist

Demy26 says:

Love education!

All the good profile names have been taken says:

What YouTube snowflake moderator thought that I needed to understand that there is graphic content on this video before I can proceed to watch this video? This is probably one of the most relaxed beat downs we have seen on this channel.

PewPew says:

it’s not a “couples“ beat down, but I guess this will do.

I can’t remember ever seeing somebody with box strapped to their back snatching a purse. My guess is that your ability to offend is diminished a bit.

John Morris says:

Certainly a better sense of community here than in American cities. Everyone coming together to help a fellow citizen and punish wicked. No one hold a cell phone while an innocent is being assaulted.

Rubinkieth says:

Wiping my tears of joy for humanity still alive out here

Ben Harmon says:

“Justified” and “Legal” aren’t always the same thing.

R1 Learner says:

Looks like the educators came out of the building with the surveillance camera, so…..sorry it looks like someone erased the tape officer.

siggish wiggish says:

Perp looked like some sort of delivery (boy) who decided to moonlight. Once his head cleared the day job looked better.

simeon40 says:

What he learned? Always tie the helmet

M E says:

Just letting him go = will do it again because the cost was not high. Severe beatdown = less likely to repeat the behavior. Dead = never commit another crime.

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